All Shows need a Digital Poster to help the Promoter to market the show. Build your poster around your photo. Start with the high resolution photo. Use the Show Poster as a template for your Facebook Event.

  • Use Canva  OR Poster My Wall  and create your posters for each gig.
  • Set the format to INSTAGRAM POST
  • Include these items on each poster:
  • Your Photo – one high res photo – not 5 separate photos – ONE
  • Act Name
  • Performance Date
  • Performance Times
  • Pushworth Logo
  • Venue Logo
  • Your Social Tag @actname
  • Venue Social Tag @venuename
  • Post the Poster on your Facebook Page
  • Like the Venue Facebook Page
  • Like the Pushworth Facebook Page.
  • Tag the Venue + Pushworth Pages

Post on all Social platforms 2 weeks in advance


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