When setting up your Social Media accounts, one very important consideration is to claim your own PERSONAL name and your Brand Name. It is impossible for fans to find you or wedding clients to want to book you or Venue Social Media Managers to tag you if your brand names are NOT all linked:

Make sure these are all the same:

  • Domain Name
  • Gmail Address

An important rule of thumb is to use the same Gmail address for each brand. Eg

Brand: Party Band

Gmail: [email protected]

Domain: www.partyband.com.au

Facebook Page: facebook.com/partyband

Twitter: twitter.com.partyband

Instagram: Instagram.com/partyband

You Tube Channel: youtube.com/channel/partyband

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/partyband

Ensure your ONE Tag name is the same across all platforms. @partyband

Otherwise you will miss out on value added cross tags. And that will cost you in gigs!


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