When we curate your Live Music Program, we work closely with your In House Marketing Manager to ensure you leverage every event and maximize your digital metrics.

G Business Suite

  • Some Venues benefit from using the G Business Suite:
    • Google Calendar to track every Event
    • Google Photos for Digital Asset Management
    • Google Docs for all Event Paperwork
    • Google Sheets to overview and manage the Event Program


  • You need photos on YOUR website and Socials. Download photos of Artists, go to the Pushworth Artists Page , and type in the name of the Artist to go to their specific Pushworth page

Specific Art

We can provide you with:

  • Web Banner
  • Web Header
  • Web Tile
  • Facebook Post
  • Facebook Event Cover
  • Instagram Post
  • POS
  • EDM
  • Nightlife
  • A4 Poster

Drop Box

  • If you don’t use G Business Suite or have access to Google Drive, we can send you Large Photo Files via Drop Box to download all your Publicity Materials, Click Here

Tagging on Facebook

  • The Artist will post the Gig Poster and tag you. Please share their post on your page tagging the Artist and Pushworth to increase the post reach.

Hash Tags

  • Email your Social hashtags to Pushworth – we will share with the Artists


  • Weekly Email to Agent for Weekly Promos Announcements for Artist to Announce throughout the night. Duty Manager to advise Artist upon Check In of Comps, and Specials for them to promote during the night.

Social Media Dashboard

  • Sign up to a Social Media Dashboard like Sprout Social to connect your Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram

Tell Your Brand Story

  • Set up your You Tube Channel, identify the face of your Venue, tell the Venue Story in short videos each week. Get your Bar Staff to video and post something each night you have entertainment. Create your own hashtags, events, seasons and campaigns that will be shareable by the Artists and your Customers.

Venue Website

  • Digital Poster Feature
  • What’s On Feature
  • Link to Facebook Event
  • Link to Local Business Giveaway Competitions

Venue Internal/External

  • Printed Posters in Bar, Restaurant, Pokie Lounge, Drive Through, Bottle Shop
  • Digital Posters on Big Screens in all areas
  • Venue Show Banner Front Roadside 4 weeks lead in

Local Community Partners

  • In Store Posters for Key Local Business Partners
  • Local Radio Advertising
  • Local Print Media Advertising
  • Local Business Giveaway Competitions to promote Ticket Sales via Social Posts and In House Pre Events


  • Local Radio Advertising
  • Local Print Media Advertising

Socials On Line Reach

  • Have one dedicated person to focus on building and expanding your On Line reach – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Monthly review of engagement per Post
  • Establish your On Line Metrics
  • Plan your Boosted Facebook Posts
  • Plan your Paid Social Advertising – Facebook and Instagram
  • Work with Strategic Influencers
  • Establish a daily strategy to increase your Digital Reach
  • Put a mechanism in place to oversee and manage this every month for ROI

Feature Show Check List

  • Artist will set up an Event on Facebook – Please make sure you share this in your Digital Networks tag the Artist and Pushworth to ensure you get these additional reach metrics.
  • Artist will provide you with a Digital Poster – Please make sure you share this in your Digital Networks tag the Artist and Pushworth to ensure you get these additional reach metrics.
  • Artist will provide a Vox Pop to Promote the Show – you will receive the Video File in Drop Box as well as a link to the Video on our You Tube channel – Please make sure you share this on your Website, all your Socials and your In House Screens.
  • Link to Facebook Event
  • Link to Local Business Giveaway Competitions
  • Start Marketing all Feature Shows 6 Weeks Out
  • Create a Local Campaign – Local Print Media Ad, On Line Competition, Drink or Food Specials, Staff in Costume
  • All Marketing must say THIS IS A TRIBUTE SHOW

Digital Marketing Check List

  1. Know your Story
  2. Know the demographics of your catchment area.
  3. Know the target market that YOU are aiming for, and in consideration of the demographics of the catchment area around your venue, tailor all Socials to suit.
  4. Match the branding of your Website, Socials, In House Advertising, Bar Décor and Artwork to keep a congruent image.
  5. Identify your POINT OF DIFFERENCE in your local market
  6. Identify your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION in your local market
  7. Tell your Story
  8. Construct your Marketing Plan and set up your daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals.
  9. Manage your present Socials:
    1. Ensure you have a SOCIALS training update once a month with your team to ensure everyone is on the same track with SOCIALS posting, campaigns and policies
    2. Go through negative reviews and rectify immediately
    3. Ensure you have a register of Socials Admin and Passwords saved and updated
    4. Ensure there is a hierarchy of ADMINISTRATOR access to ensure you do not get locked out of your Socials at any time
    5. Ensure you have a clause in your team Contracts to manage the Socials policy to ensure an exiting Contractor or Team Member can be removed from all Socials without losing the Social page itself.
    6. Look at using a platform like Sprout Social to manage your campaigns and post across multiple platforms.
  10. Organise a VENUE iPAD or iPHONE that is set up to all Socials encouraging your team to post daily
  11. Hire a photographer and a videographer to take shots of people in the venue eating, drinking, watching bands, dancing, partying. Make sure the demographic of the people in the shots/footage match the demo in your catchment area and target market.
  12. Integrate your Marketing with Us:
    1. Official Hashtags
    2. Facebook Page
    3. Twitter
    4. Instagram
    5. You Tube Channel
    6. Your Media Plan – Print/Radio
    7. Monthly Art Deadline
    8. File Formats for Live Music Art
  13. Meet with Us for:
    1. Live Music Marketing Audit
    2. Internal/External Marketing Review
    3. Cycles/Trends/Market Price
    4. Strategies for Live Music Marketing Integration


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