Once you have set up all your Social Media accounts, now what? It can be a real pain to post to all the different platforms and quite frankly it can take too much time. We recommend that you link as many accounts as you can.

Facebook Page – Set up a Page that is NOT your personal profile so that the page for you as an Artist can be tagged.

Instagram – Link your Instagram Account to your Facebook Page so that everything you post on Instagram posts automatically to your Facebook Page

Twitter – Link your Facebook Page to your Twitter account so that everything that is posted on your Facebook Page by Instagram posts automatically to your Twitter account 

You Tube – this is where you connect to your Twitter account. As You Tube is part of the Google suite, you can also easily publish to your Google Plus account from the Upload window

You may wish to pay for a Social Media Dashboard to be able to AUTO post to Instagram as well as other platforms.

You need to be posting at least once a day

  • In every post, tag Pushworth @thepushworthgroup – then it comes up on our feed to give you access to OUR network. We will then share to all our networks and pages.
  • Hashtag #pushworth – to access our networks across all platforms. We track and filter via #pushworth so make sure you include this hashtag as well.
  • Tag the Venue – so they can share your post in THEIR Networks
  • Create your own unique hashtags #somethingjustaboutyou
  • Post using your High Resolution Poster


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