When you arrive at your gig, before you set up, don’t forget to have a chat to the Duty Manager. Spruiking to promote what is happening at the venue is one of the most important aspects of your service. So make sure you ask for information like:

  1. Drink Specials 
  2. New Alcohol Product Promotions
  3. Restaurant Promotions
  4. Drive Through Specials
  5. Bottle Shop Specials
  6. Gaming Lounge Promotions
  7. Local Community Events
  8. Local Business Features

Then look at what events and concerts are coming up in the venue and announce the date, the artist, where to buy tickets and perhaps have a competition to give away a couple of tickets (as approved by the venue of course) by getting punters up to sing a couple of their songs. Get creative!

Venues are starting to ask that all Artists spruik in their venues at every gig so your booker may email you a list of promotions each week for you to Spruik.

Everyone in this equation has the same end game – bums on seats to keep venues open and keep you gigging. If we all work together to build business, we create a win win situation!


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