One of the hardest things to do is to write about your act  – something that attracts potential Gig Promoters or Fans to want to know more about you. And many of our artists are struggling with providing this for us and have asked for a little help. We recommend that you produce the following:

  • Short Web Description (30 Words or Less)
  • Full Biography – 3 paragraphs long. 

As part of your ongoing relentless marketing strategy, you will be listing your act with a number of on line directories so having that Short Web Description down pat is a must.

The full biography is possibly a little more challenging but is vitally important as this will form the foundation for a press release to use at a later date.

First paragraph is to describe the band: Genre + Format + Style + Repertoire Examples. What is your Unique Selling Proposition and Point Of Difference? What makes you different to every other band out there who is playing cover songs in the same genre, format and style?

Second Paragraph is about your accolades so far. Who you have supported? Chart Stats? Who you have toured with? What festivals you have performed at? Highest bar take at a high-profile bar? And if there is nothing special about your gigs so far, come up with something creative? Great number of fan selfies on our Facebook Page on a Friday night in June? Create your own accolade that is relevant, cheeky and shows that you care about creating a great night out for the audience wherever the bar is.

Final Paragraph is about what is coming up for you. Recording an EP. Filming a Short Doco. Setting up your own 50 Gigs in 50 Days in Towns that start with J tour. Once again, be real but get creative. Your value is in your ability to create a vibe, create a party, create something out of nothing with your audience with your music and your energy. So use that super power for your marketing material as well.


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