Cost to register with Pushworth?

There is no charge to register with Pushworth. Once we assess the suitability of your act in our networks via a spot at a Music Means Business event, you will be invited to register with us. We will need you to provide us with a High Resolution Promotional Photograph, a full suite of your Social Media links and Digital Marketing Check List and your full Cover Show Song List. You will then be listed on our website for free. You will be added to suitable submissions and offered gig opportunities according to your level of expertise, experience, brand value and promoter acceptance.

Is there a Safety Standard for Artists?

You must check in with the Duty Manager 60 MINUTES PRIOR TO START TIME for each Performance for Induction and Brief of Event Requirements. You email your annual Public Liability Certicate of Currency $10 Million to Pushworth. You keep your SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) on your phone at all times. You get all Leads tagged each 6 months. You refer all potential safety issues on stage with audience to the venue security guard. Absolutely no pyrotechnics or flammable liquids, open flames or burning allowed on stage.

Is there a Production Standard?

Unless specified in the contract, you will need to supply your own production and lighting. Your Production must suit venue capacity with a minimum of 2 par 56s light cans at every show. You will ensure you have back up leads, batteries and a Gig Kit to minimize any potential technical difficulties. 

Is there a Marketing Standard?

For every show booked with Pushworth you will add a Facebook Event tagging the Venue and Pushworth. You will post on your Social Media a week before the show. You will provide current high resolution Marketing Assets to Pushworth to assist the venue with their Show Promotion.

Is there a Hospitality Standard?

Unless specified in your contract, Venues are only obligated to provide free soft drinks and water. When meals and alcoholic beverages are provided by the venue, we ask that you respect the venue by being professional and reasonable at all times with your requests.

Is there a Cancellation Policy?

If Venue cancels within the require notice time, we will negotiate for a replacement date. If you cancel, you will be required to provide a DR certificate, Police Report, Written Reason for Cancellation. Cancellation Fees may apply.

Who pays Pushworth?

If we work with you on our roster, label or management company then you will be charged a fee. If you use one of our Social Media, Coaching or Consultant packages, you will be charged a fee. If we work with Promoters and Clients and recruit you to work at one of their events, they will be charged a fee.

How do I administer my gigs through Pushworth?

We set up your profile in our system (and in Hub Dit or MUSO if used by that Promoter)We send you a Contract, we send you a Gig Activation the week of the show, you send us an Invoice, we Direct Deposit into your bank account and send you a Remittance. Our system is automated and secure. Payment will be made to you within 24 hours of being received by us from the Promoter.

How do I administer changes to my information?

We maintain a strict audit trail in Aquarius to monitor all changes in your information. You must provide written notice by sending an email to [email protected] if you update the following:

  • Bank Account Details
  • ABN
  • GST Registration
  • Name of Act
  • Name of Act Ownership

Is the Pushworth System secure?

All User Data on our website and in our systems is encrypted. We operate under the National Privacy Policy.

How much can I expect to be paid?

The median payment per performer is between $75 and $100.00 an hour. A negotiation factor is the market strength of your brand. No app can negotiate that on your behalf. Pushworth works with each artist to build their market value and brand profile by strategising key supports, regional shows and market reach with 50% of its roster achieving payment outside the MEAA and Corporate Chain payment structure. 

How can Pushworth help me with my annual tax?

You have access to annual statements. You will always be sent a remittance for each payment. We have set up a free Music Business management system in Google Business Suite. (See Music Biz Training).

How do I get gigs?

Your act will be listed on the Pushworth website in the Artist Hub. The level of marketing assets that you provide PLUS the social media activity that you do will influence the buyers in our Proposals. This is why we provide so much resource about Branding and Marketing – to assist you in getting premium gig opportunities. Aquarius is the Pushworth integrated app that runs our website and administration which holds data on gig feedback, social media metrics, bar and door sales, show capacity and your USP and POD. 


Pushworth offers a blog, a podcast and a comprehensive Music Biz training pod. At our regular Music Means Business events, Artist can catch up, network and connect. Supports, Guest Tickets to Major Touring Shows, Music Festivals and so much more are available to you when you join the Pushworth community. Our exclusive Facebook Group will give you access to Panels, Workshops, Our Social Initiatives, Support + Showcase Opportunities, Guest Tickets to Major Touring Shows, Music Festivals and so much more.

Original Artists

If you are an Original Artist funding your music projects with Cover Show Income, we specialise in offering development programs for Artists to build their music brands and release their music through our label, Manick. 

Click here to access the Pushworth Artist Code of Conduct


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