Why Use Pushworth?

Organising entertainers can be logistically challenging. Recruitment, Audition, Negotiating Price, Communicating Logistics, Accepting Invoices and Paying Artists while tracking the Financial Investment Versus Return, Incidents, Audience Feedback and managing the inevitable human behaviour issues.

Pushworth streamlines the whole process. All you need to do is tell us what you want. We book it, issue contracts, reports, invoices and pay the artist on your behalf. Pushworth is efficient. You get your time back.


Subject to negotiation of service packages. We charge 10% to the Artist and charge an agreed fee to you depending on your service package.


We invoice you, you pay us and we pay the Artist.

How do we select Artists to work at your Event?

We audition every Artist at a Music Means Business event to assess stage presence, experience, musicianship quality, and marketing content. We regularly scout for new talent and offer comprehensive Music Business Training and Development resource access to ensure you get the benefit of our years of expertise and experience.


Whatever the market wants, we source. Whatever you need, we find it. If you can dream it, we can book it. You have access to every genre, style, gender, preference, demographic and type.


Artists are human beings and things happen. They WILL cancel. No app can cover you in the event of a cancellation. But we are on standby 24/7 with systems in place for emergency last minute replacements for you. In our 30 year history, every last minute cancellation has been successfully replaced by us. 


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