Cancellation of Live Show bookings is heavily disincentivised.

You have received a contract because one of our booking team have called you and offered you a gig and you have said YES. We have offered you an opportunity for your live music business to perform at a venue because we believe (Based on your Marketing Material and your Participation at a Music Means Business Event) that the show you deliver will meet the client’s needs for the event.

We totally get that things happen to cause a cancellation.

The challenge is that you have agreed to perform on this date, and as a result, a mechanism has been put in place by the client and by Pushworth to promote and administer this show. This is a cost. If you cancel for any reason from today, at your Booker’s discretion, you may be charged a cancellation fee of $100.00 + GST. This fee covers the time we have to pay our staff to reverse the contract from the booking system and commence a whole new process again for a replacement Artist and possibly juggle other bookings to ensure that the right act is booked into the right event. OR they may simply remove you from the program and stop offering you show bookings until they feel confident that you will not cancel another show.

So if you choose to go on a holiday, attend a family event, go out to a party, concert or any reason whatsoever and as result of this decision you now need to CANCEL this show contract that you have agreed to, at your Booker’s discretion, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

So like other businesses around the world, each cost needs to be covered.

Please make sure that when you say YES to performing at this event on this date, that you have strategies and systems in place to ensure that you can perform at this event no matter what happens around you. Mitigate your own risks.  Put a business Risk Management strategy in place. Plan ahead. Follow a Budget. Have a back up plan for transport and babysitters.

There may be times when a CLIENT will cancel your performance for a variety of reasons that are outside of our control. We will negotiate on your behalf to keep the event booked, secure a fee for you or book replacement dates to compensate you.

So always chat to your booker and stay connected with us so we can assist you as much as possible if we need to change a show date that you have already agreed to deliver as there may be times when the venue or client will simply NOT accept your cancellation and possibly even take action against you to cover THEIR costs. It HAS happened so please treat every booking that you get with a high level of value.