Born in Red Cliff Queensland Australia Matthew Clark is a Folk Singer/Songwriter currently Traveling around Australia as a full time Stage Performer/busker. As a young child, Matthew spent many years discovering his talent, after teaching himself to play guitar by the age of 15 he was already writing his own music and lyrics until finally deciding to hit the road on his own budget gigging, Busking and performing around Australia. Due to his roots Matthew Clark likes to keep every song he does as original and RAW as possible as it “Keeps the music Organic”. He has recently released his first “Live” album “Soon” and Currently working on his first Professional release.

“As an individual artist you try to so hard to write, collaborate while meanwhile doing anything possible to be heard. I do what I can trying to make an unforgettable impact wherever i go so I travel, busk and do gigs on my own budget” – Matthew Clark

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