We recently began an exercise in our Private Music Business Facebook Group where we shared the Facebook page of an Artist or DJ encouraging the group to Like and Follow as a way to build awareness, stay connected and build the digital metrics of the community. Many Artists had removed the Like function meaning you could only FOLLOW their page.

Like or Follow? Which one?

The answer is……….both.

When someone (a personal Faccebook account or another business account) “likes” your business page on Facebook, this means they automatically default to following it as well. When your Facebook business page is followed, whatever you post on your page will be seen by those followers on their personal Facebook feeds. 

Likes increase numbers. Follows mean Content Consumption.

Clients, Venue Marketing Managers, Event Managers, Promoters, Labels, Media, Agents, Artist Managers, will measure the value of your brand in many ways. One of them is the number of likes on your page.

Based on how the market interacts with Facebook pages and how these are leveraged in decision making processes for this industry, we recommend that you enable your page to be liked AND followed to gain the maximum attention.


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