When we get feedback from clients and venues, 99% of the complaints are about the vocals being off. More often than not, we are surprised by the feedback as it is about Artists who, in our opinion, have a high level of vocal ability and delivery who are gigging in all the best rooms.

In observing and reviewing this kind of feedback, we conducted a series of focus groups and discovered one common denominator.

Artists were stuck in their heads and this impacted their ability to access their vocal quality and deliver what is usually a stellar performance.

What do I mean “stuck in their heads?”

While on stage, performing, their mind is ticking over:

“I hope that bar manager books us back again?”

“I wish I didn’t eat Maccas last night, how fat does my ass look?”

“Dang I should have changed my strings during the week.”

“I shouldn’t have parked in that loading zone. I hope my car won’t get towed.”

“How many people are at the bar drinking right now?”

Is table four leaving? Why? What did I do wrong?”

“I rock right now!!”

And ad nauseum………………

We have all had these moments where we just cannot get out of our heads while singing. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, getting out of your head and into the core of you is key.

When singing, you need to be in the moment. Be in that note. Be in that melody. Be in that chord. Be in that frequency.

It’s scary. It’s exhilarating. It’s a pain in the ass. It’s confronting. It’s fucking awesome. And when we get caught in our anxiety, our nerves, our ego – any of our emotions, we get dragged out of that moment and right back into our head.

This is where Mindfulness is one of the best strategies for your vocal technique.

Have you ever experienced your fundamental being – your true self – the core of you? Who is that? What is that? Why is that? How is that? In that moment, you simply are. As a musician and singer, connecting with your true self is key to identifying your brand story. So Mindfulness, as a practice, is a win win on many levels.

Singing is a somatic sensation. It’s a sensory experience. What is going on in your body when you sing? What happens when you are IN that moment? What about your breathing? Are there any differences with some words, phrases or scales?

Practice being in the moment, in the melody, in the note, in the chord. Remember how that feels and allow your love for music take you on the journey through the song.

Here is a great simple explanation of Mindfulness

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Being in your core instead of your head, is not about being on autopilot. It’s about checking in with yourself before you go on stage. Even if you have to watch the lights, the effects, the PA, the audience and all the moving parts producing your show, Mindfulness, helps you to address that BEFORE you start the song, be IN the song, and then allow the elements of the show experience to come together in that moment.

Allowing yourself to let go of all the mundane thoughts, the inner critic, the diva, your old stories and everything in between so that the performance is not about you. It’s about the show. You are in the moment delivering a song leveraging off your talent and skill, exchanging energy with the audience and creating an experience for them through the music.

Nichola Burton

Nichola Burton

Nichola Burton is the CEO of The Pushworth Group, Coach and Program Manager for Music Means Business, Event Manager and Producer, Artist Manager, Podcaster, Author, Musician and Vocalist in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with over 30 years experience working with Musicians, Performers, developing Artists and coaching them through Marketing, Branding, Show and Business Management. She holds qualifications in Business and Front Line Management, Training and Workshop Delivery, Music Business Management and Piano and Voice from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

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