How to Invoice for your Gigs

 Invoice for the Net Fee shown on your Contracts.

Invoice for one show at a time.

Use a Unique Number for each Invoice to enable you to be able to track


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Save as a PDF file

email to [email protected] 


Make sure you email your Tax Invoices to [email protected] by 10am every Friday morning. All payments (that have been received by Pushworth from Clients and Venues) are processed every Friday and paid directly into your registered BSB and Bank Account. 

Keeping Track of your Payments



When you receive your Remittance, this is what it means.

Example: Remittance by EFT 1286534 Your Bill(s) 161 less our Invoice TR100059573

  • Remittance by EFT 1286534 – this is the Bank Payment Number
  • Your Bill(s) 161 – this is your invoice number – showing what you are paid
  • Less our Invoice TR100059573 – this is the invoice that has been deducted from your Invoice


When an Invoice is paid to you, our system will automatically deduct all invoices that are in your ledger.

  • Invoices for Booking Fees where you have collected directly
  • Additional Pushworth services will be deducted automatically and will be listed on your Remittance.
  • In the event that the deduction is larger than the total amount of the invoice being paid you will be sent a NO REMIT remittance showing the details of the payment and deduction.
  • In the event that the deduction is paid over several Invoices, then the Invoice number for the deduction will not show until the final remittance where it is paid in full.

Weekly Venue Invoices

Every Sunday/Monday our accounts department issues invoices to Venues for the previous Entertainment week. These invoices are emailed to the Venue Manager for approval. Our default payment terms are 7 Days Net however some venues make a special request for 14 or 28 Days Net. This will be noted on your Contract.

When Venues Don't Pay on Time

You don’t need to send us an email asking us to pay you faster. We cannot pay you any faster than we already are. 

You don’t need to remind us that your payment is late. We already know when a Client or Venue is late with their payment.

We run weekly reports showing all Invoices that have not yet been paid to us by the Venue. Our Accounts Department contacts every Venue that has not paid their invoice in 7 Days on a daily basis. An email is sent including another copy of the invoice followed up by a phone call to request the payment.

Late payments typically happen when Venue Staff are away on Sick or Annual Leave OR when there is an issue with your show. In this case, the booker will communicate directly with the venue to resolve.

For Hospitality Chains, we communicate directly with Head Office to track the pending payments. We continue this collection process until the invoice is paid in full. Every communication we make is also notified to the Venue Booker so that they are always aware of the Collection Status for each one of their Venues.

When Your Remittance is Wrong

  • Check your Contract.
  • Check that the Net amount on the contract matches what you agreed with your booker.
  • Review any Contracts where you have collected the payment directly as the fee may be deducted from your payment.
  • Contact your booker directly to discuss via email noting all the specifics of your enquiry so that they may follow up and assist you ASAP.

When Your Tax Invoice is Wrong

If we cannot allocate your Tax Invoice in your Ledger it is because the detail on the invoice does not match what is in our system. Check the Date, Venue Name, Act Name, Net Amount and GST Amount. Match to the Contract. Reissue to [email protected] 

Changing your GST Status

At registration you will notify Pushworth of your GST status. This is added to your Database file in our booking system. This GST status will therefore be calculated with every contract automatically. You are responsible to check each contract to ensure the GST is correct. It is your repsonsibility to notify Pushworth in writing when you change your GST status.  Once this notice is received in writing we will update our system. Any contracts in the system that have been executed but not paid cannot be changed. Any contracts in the system that have NOT been executed will be cancelled and reissued with the new GST status once the venune approves the change. Remember that when you change your GST status, this will affect the price and therefore the venue budget. There may be times when a venue may not approve a change or may simply choose to cancel your gig and select another artist. Your booker will let you know.

Changing your Bank Account

At registration you will notify Pushworth of your BSB and Bank Account details. You will also provide contact details for authorised persons to administer your payments. This is added to your Database file in our booking system. Registered Bank Account details will show on your Remittance. It is your responsibility to notify us IN WRITING once you change your BSB and Bank Account. Simply noting them on an invoice will not suffice. We will ONLY take action once this notice is received in writing to update our system.

Changing Accounts Contact Details

At registration you will notify Pushworth of the contact details for the person responsible for taking bookings and the person responsible for managing the accounts. This is added to your Database file in our booking system. We will never discuss details of your finances over the phone to preserve your financial integrity. We will never communicate about your accounts with anyone OTHER than your nominated accounts person. It is your responsibility to notify us IN WRITING once you change your contact details (Mobile Phone, Address, Email Address) to ensure that your audit trail remains intact. In the event of changing the person responsible for managing your accounts we will need you to submit another registration form with their signature. We take the communication of information about your finances very seriously and as such will never discuss these matters over the phone.

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