28 Years Ago Today

Written by nicki@pushworth.com on July 17, 2018

28 years ago, when we first dipped our toes into the Australian Music Scene in our own enterprise, every day operations were a stark contrast to how they are today. Our first website launched in 1998 so for eight years before that we printed and posted News Bulletins every week. Manny’s mobile phone was the size of a brick. No one texted. Our landline phone bill was horrific. We started Industry Nights in 1990 and auditioned some very successful and famous artists who we passed on because they were not up to scratch at that time. 😊  (sorry Manny my bad)


Basic Business Task 1990 2018
Artist Availability Artists called us to let us know when they had gigs. We wrote it in a big green book that we all took turns with. Artists share their Google Calendars with us.
Artist Information Artists hand delivered their printed photos and bios and tapes yes cassette tapes Artists email us a link to their EPK saved in Google Drive
Gig Administration Gig Contracts were done in WORD. Accounts were done in EXCEL. Aquarius handles everything from the Proposal to the BAS
Gig Contracts Contracts were posted out to Artists and faxed to Venues. Contracts are emailed to Artists and Venues
Hardware We had one computer that cost us $15000 that we shared in the office. No Network. No Internet. No Wi Fi. No Server. We each have a cheap laptop logged into our Network accessible from the office or from at home or anywhere in the world.
Getting Paid by Venues Cheques were posted to us by Venues which we then took to the bank each day to deposit. Promoters direct deposit into our Bank Account
Paying Artists One day each week, we manually worked out the payments, wrote out cheques to our Artists, printed labels for envelopes, stuffed cheques and printed remittances into the envelopes, lapped a stamp on each and then placed into a big red mail box. We direct deposit payments to our Artists daily, emailing a remittance directly from Aquarius.
Gig Marketing Banners out the front of the Venue

Newspapers Advertising

Radio and TV Advertising

Street Press Advertising

Facebook/Instagram Paid Ads

Facebook Events

Social Media Posts

Number of Artists 6 Cover Bands

4 Duos

4 Solo Artists

Over 500 Active Artists

So much has changed in the past 28 years. In 1990, I was green and very naive. After 28 years of getting the shit kicked out of me, I can now smell a dodgy slow paying promoter in the first phone call and know within seconds of meeting a new artist what their capacity is to survive as a music business. And I still get surprised by both.

The face of our industry is virtually unrecognizable when you look back. These days we are our OWN labels and our OWN radio stations and our OWN journalists and our OWN promoters. Technology enables you to tell your own story and own your own narrative.

And yet many things remain the same. We still work with fantastic mind-blowing talents who simply love getting up on stage and sharing themselves and their music with the world. We still work with innovative energetic promoters who put their lives on the line day in and day out to support and create an endless calendar of events. There will always be the good. There will always be the bad. There is nothing in this business that doesn’t teach you to be a master of life itself. I wouldn’t change one moment of the past 28 years and look forward to the next 28. 😊