Activate your Gig

Each Monday, you will receive a Gig Activation email with details of your weekly Gigs from the Monday to the Sunday of the coming week.

It will look like this:

Gig Activation

Here is the list of your upcoming bookings

  1. Contract #
  2. Performance Date
  3. Act Name
  4. Venue
  5. Set up Time
  6. Start Time
  7. Finish Time
  8. Net
  9. Net GST
  10. Total Net
  11. Booker

To activate these gigs for the week ahead, all you need to do is return the email with YES CONFIRMED.

Without this final activation, we may book another act for those gigs so make sure you respond to the weekly Activation email.

Social Media

  1. Make sure you have added a Facebook event tagging the Venue and of course @thepushworthgroup. The venue requires access to our Social Network so your tag is essential.
  2. Make sure you have scheduled your post across your social networks – Photo or Video, Venue Tag, Pushworth Tag, Gig Date and Start Times.


Make sure you check the following and ensure they are in perfect working order:

  1. Production
  2. Backline
  3. Lighting – you MUST always use lights at every single gig

Gig Kit

Make sure you have the following ready to go:

  1. Spare Leads
  2. Spare Batteries
  3. Back ups for everything


Make sure your transport is good to go:

  1. Full tank of Fuel
  2. Spare Tyre Pumped
  3. Car is Serviced and in good mechanical order
  4. You have a back up plan in case your car breaks down to get you and your gear to your gig.
  5. Allocate an additional hour in case of traffic when travelling outside of metropolitan area.
  6. Check for traffic and conditions
  7. Check for up to date weather conditions


Regional Queensland

Make sure:

  1. Flights are checked in
  2. Accomodation is checked in
  3. Transfers are organised

General Stuff to Remember

Stay on top of your compliances:

  1. Safety –

  2. Show Delivery  –

To Join, click on the above title – it will take you straight tere. Make sure you complete the application noting the Act that you are in so that we can approve your request.

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