Amped Up

Why should I get 'AMPED UP'?

AMPED UP is a program designed specifically for musicians, to expand their digital literacy and marketing skills in order to increase their employability.

Upsklling them in the concept, creation, production and management of Digital Marketing applications and strategies in turn broadens their commercial market value.

This program is designed to help them to better adapt to the current Live Music Show booking process where Bars and Venues need musicians to be more of an investment in building their business and less of a cost to their bottom line.

Key Deliverables - task/activity to be undertaken

Outcome - What will be achieved by this activity?

What types of audiences will benefit from this activity?

How this activity will contribute to employment opportunities and the expected economic benefits of this activity for other industries such as hospitality and accommodation and for your organisation.


Letters of Support


I have worked with Nichola Burton in her AMPED UP program since 2015. This program equipped me to establish my new website and transition into a digital marketing strategy for all my enterprises including GANGgajang and Uncle Jimmy Thumbs Up!.
Music Means Business

Music Means Business

This program is run by Nichola Burton, Program Producer for Music Means Business in partnership with The Pushworth Group

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