We designed an operational software system that was installed in 2000 that has effectively run our entire business ever since. We hired a software programmer who wrote it in SQL Server 6 with the back end in Access which we access to manipulate data where needed. The server database is hosted on our office server. Each PC has the software installed locally on the C Drive with the system run over the network.

To meet the market demands, we needed each client can be a Customer or a Supplier. Each Bar under a Venue is added as a Service under the Client. Each Act under an Artist is added as a Service under the Client. Any acts that share members between Clients have a Partnership ID to ensure that the Business Booking Calendar shows accurate availability of Acts. We can build contracts between Admin Clients, Venues and Artists and have the ability to decline and add an alternative Admin Client in all transactions. All Activity is tracked and reportable.

System Overview


 Document Management in:

  • Word
  • PDF

Database linked to:

  • Operating System
  • Newsletter System
  • Website System
  • Activity Reports for all adds, edits, deletes

Admin Client:

  • Decline and select another Client if needed

Documents Produced:

  • Proposal/Quote – if declined, auditable reason list
  • Gig Contract
    • Proposal/Quote
    • Cancellation Notice (if cancelled, auditable reason list plus ability to charge cancellation fee per either Customer or Supplier)
  • Festival Paperwork
    • Quote Specific
    • Work Sheet – Festival and Individual Services
    • Festival Running Sheet
    • Total Festival Money Sheet
  • Wedding/Function Paperwork
    • Quote Specific
    • Work Sheet
    • Wedding/Function Running Sheet
  • Tour Paperwork ***Need Deal in Text Format and then on Reconciliation enter Figures for Invoices
    • Quote Specific
    • Tour Sheet
    • Worksheet
    • Total Tour Money Sheet
    • Publicity Sheet
    • Tour Reconciliation Sheet
  • Invoice
  • Credit
  • Statement
  • Remittance
  • Riders (Uploadable PDFS)
  • Reports
  • With each Document have the ability to email directly or export the document and then email.

Filters for each Service:

  • On Every Field in the Client and Service Database to be selectable
  • Comparison Operators
  • Per Category
  • Per Sub Category
  • Reportable – Email and Export to Email


  • Mailing Labels per Client Per Service
  • User Log in
    • By Day
    • By User
    • By Activity

No External Dependencies

  • WORD
  • PDF

CRM Database

Sales Management

Event Management 

(All Events – Gigs, Concerts, Tours, Festivals and Training Workshops)

  • Promoter Riders
  • Artist Riders
  • Worksheets
  • Itineraries
  • Money Sheets
  • Transport Sheets
  • Show Sheets – Support/Production
  • Box Office Management
  • Ticketing
  • Guest Lists
  • Invitations
  • Registration
  • Reconciliation
  • Event Calendar
  • Event Management
  • Publicity Management (Client SM, EDM, TVRPM, In House, Community)

Account Management

  • Receivable – Self Invoice Upload via Website
  • Payable – Self Remittance Download via Website
  • Accounts Company
  • Accounts Client
  • Auto Invoice/Credits
  • Remittance
  • Purchasing
  • Export to External Accounting Software If Required
  • Account Specifics

Supply Chain Management

Back Office Management

Website Management

  • Website – WordPress 
  • Landing Pages – WordPress
  • Pushworth Database
  • Pushworth Customer/Supplier Log In
  • Pushworth Service Promotion
  • Pushworth Artist Promotion
  • Pushworth ConceOn Line Orders
  • Pushworth Event Listings
  • Pushworth EDM 
  • Pushworth Forms – Autoresponders – Team Communications Direct Filter
  • Pushworth Social Media
  • Analytics and Metrics