The Pushworth Artist Code of Conduct


While performing Shows organised by The Pushworth Group, I agree to:

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Show Submissions

  1. For each performance, the Buyer provides a specific and clear Brief to Pushworth about the service required: type, format, style and specific of Artist, Music, Performance and Performance Detail.
  2. All Artists are approved by each Buyer after Pushworth submissions in accordance with the Brief provided.
  3. All Briefs are provided via text, email, meeting or phone call to a Pushworth Booking Programmer. As such a strict audit trail is maintained to ensure that all Brief Information is met and complied with. Meeting Notes are recorded and saved and Phone Calls where Dates are booked for Artists and Services are recorded for Audit Purposes to preserve the correct information.
  4. These submissions will include the marketing material as provided by the Artist.
  5. The Buyer exerts no control over the artistic content of an Artist’s performances other than a repertoire style requirement designed specifically to satisfy the audience OR to build an audience culture or unless otherwise agreed eg a specific song for a Wedding or Function.
  6. All Buyers are issued paperwork noting a link to these Booking Terms.
  7. Pushworth is not legally a party to the contract and cannot legally enforce the Buyer’s compliance for these terms. As the other party to the contract, the Artist, however, can. Pushworth will provide evidence of the Audit Trail to the Artist to assist them to claim full payment for every performance executed.
  8. The Performance Booking is made in agreement with these Terms and Conditions which the Buyer agrees to by allowing the Artist to perform in accordance with the paperwork provided.

The Pushworth Artist Standard

On-Stage Off-Stage Delivery Standard

Professional Expectations

Health and Wellbeing


Show Information

  1. We will issue each Artist with paperwork for every performance that is confirmed by text, call, message, email or in person.
  2. Paperwork will be sent to the registered email address for the Artist.
  3. Should the Artist not receive paperwork in 48 hours, they must contact the booker to confirm the email address and request another copy.
  4. The Artist is responsible to notify Pushworth when the email address is changed.
  5. The Artist will receive the following paperwork:
    • Contract
    • Invoice
    • Remittance
    • Statement (upon request)
  6. The Artist is obligated to open the email and read the document.
  7. It is the Artist responsibility to understand the document.
  8. If there is incorrect information in the document, it is the Artist responsibility to contact the Booker to notify them immediately, so the changes can be made.
  9. If the Artist fails to read the document and executes the Show as contracted, then the Artist accepts liability.
  10. If the GST Status is incorrect in the contract, and the Artist fails to advise the booker to revise it, and executes the gig, the contract cannot be changed. It is the Artist responsibility to read the contract BEFORE the gig and make sure ALL details are correct. If not, email the booker IMMEDIATELY to organise all changes to ensure the contract is reissued with the correct details.

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