Artist Sign Up

Thank you for applying with The Pushworth Group. Before you start, you will need to have the following ready: your ABN, bio, a short description for a web listing, and images suitable for publication.

If you do not have any material online then it’s very unlikely that we will consider your application.


  1. Performance Standard
  2. Social Media Marketing Standard
  3. The artist is available to showcase their product at a #MusicMeansBusiness event in Brisbane.
  4. The artist needs to be suited to the venue or event requirements for us to offer you Entertainment Program bookings.


  1. The person submitting the application must hold copyright for the images (i.e. the images must be your own, or you must have approval for them to be published)
  2. At least one image is required, suggested sizes 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 1024 – 300 dpi.
  3. Images must be in one of the following formats: png, jpg, gif
  4. Images must have no text or logos present


  1. Please complete this form and upload your High Res Images + OHS Docs
  2. Print and Complete the Artist Registration and upload below
  3. Download and complete the Free Artist Rider Templates and return by email
  4. Read the Pushworth Artist Code

Artist Sign Up

  • Please click the below button to download your Pushworth Artist Registration Form. Print, Complete and Upload at the end of this Artist Sign Up Page