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Adam Power

Solo: I was destined to perform solo. In 1990 my band mates told me I have to check out this soloist at Her Majesty’s Bar named ‘Niki Phillips’. I never knew an acoustic and voice could sound that good, and he just looked so cool and independent. Nik and a Bee Gees television appearance is what gave me the inspiration to put together a solo act. To see just one man sitting on a stool singing and playing acoustic classics, seemed so cool. I knew there was a lot of work and good money in this, so I worked towards this goal constantly. My first solo gig was at The Stafford Tavern June 1994. By now I could incorporate solo, duo and trio, which now made it a full time career.

Downside: No matter what you do for a living there always seems to be a downside to your job. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else (other than performing my own songs in stadiums) than doing music for a living, but sometimes drunks and pushy people can take it’s toll on you. Anyone who has performed covers in pubs etc for a lot of years will know what I’m talking about. The best way I can describe the downside is: It’s like being invited to a party when you were approximately 17…but you could never leave.