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Brit Beat Mania

Brit Beat Mania presents “The British Invasion”
A spectacular musical and visual extravaganza showcasing some of the biggest hits from many of the best of British artists of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and more.
Brit Beat Mania feature; Ian Schubert (Lead vocals), Gary Allen (Guitar/vocals), Tim Bennetts (Bass/vocals), Danny McLees (Drums/vocals) and Stewart Paxton (Keyboard’s/vocals).
These extremely talented and entertaining musicians from both Britain and Australia bring many years of experience to deliver a very professional and authentic show packed with great music, vocal harmonies and multiple costume changes.
The show is designed to take audiences on an entertaining, fun, interactive and nostalgic journey and have them singing and dancing from the opening numbers from Cliff Richard and the Shadows, The Beatles and the many bands and artists of the Swinging 60’s through to the iconic bands of the “Mods and Rockers” era and on to the Glam 70’s, 80’s and beyond.