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Nancy Vandal

Nancy Vandal is a Punk band from Sydney, Australia that performed from 1993 to 2001 and had a reunion performance in 2003 and have, as of December 2008, planned a reunion and new EP for 2009. The band was initially called Hard Axe To Follow, then Nancy Vandal and the Popgun Assassins, but the last part of the name was later dropped.

Throughout 1998 and 1999 Nancy Vandal toured constantly, supporting the likes of NOFX, Millencolin, Ten Foot Pole, Frenzal Rhomb and others.

Before long however, the seven-piece act had been reduced to five once more and Nancy Vandal began to experiment with an electro-pop sound. The late-1999 album I Wasted My Life was not a success and the band split up in 2001. Bakota and Moore joined the touring line-up of Bathurst band The Tenants and Foxall continued with his interests in comic book art and short film. Jay Whalley became a breakfast announcer on Triple J and is now on ‘J’s odyssey’.

The turn of the century saw their output decrease significantly due to fears the millennium bug would damage band equipment as well as a severe outbreak of nits. They have since performed only occasionally based on tarot card readings and prevailing weather conditions.

In 2003 Nancy Vandal returned in a one off reunion/farewell gig at Sydney University in December 2003 featuring members from every line-up.

2009 saw the band performing together again on a national tour. The tour was in support of their EP Quite Partial to Rock. The lineup was the same as the last incarnation of the band (I’ve Wasted My Life era). In 2009 the band also released The Vandals Voice which is a tribute album, and also the soundtrack of the DVD of the same name. Details of the DVD pack can be seen at Artists on the tribute CD consist of Laura Imbruglia, Batfoot, and The Tenants.

In 2013 the already highly acclaimed “Flogging A Dead Phoenix” was recorded by ex-bassist Jason “Jason” Beers to celebrate their 20-year anniversary. It is a chaotic blend of garagey punk infused with Motorhead riffs and a brass section that would shrink Chuck Norris’s balls. “Flogging A Dead Phoenix” was partly financed by an enthusiastically supported Pozible project and is accompanied by a massive 92 page full colour edition of the band’s official zine The Vandal’s Voice. From the Flogging a Dead Phoenix Tour in 2013, Nancy Vandal return in September 2017.