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The Lazy Valentines

After a six-year jaunt in successful Brisbane covers band ‘Hickory Street’. Craig Sullivan and Darrin Churchill have joined forces with ex Hickory Street guitarist Craig Hayes. Rising from the ashes to form the ultimate party band, ‘THE LAZY VALENTINES’. Whilst these guys have played together for the past 20 years, in the past 10 they have been grinding their way up and down the Queensland coast, performing in pubs, clubs/venues, functions, Islands, festivals, boat cruises even the occasional wedding. Already having credibility in the live music scene as a unique combination of talent, ‘THE LAZY VALENTINES’ are renowned for their abundance of on- stage energy; they’re insisting party attitude, and their noticeable passion to play music to an audience of any size or age. All members of ‘THE LAZY VALENTINES contribute a wealth of musical knowledge and experience via their own recording and live experiences (lets not forget sitting in a van for hours on in).
They bring back the ‘value’ in entertainment, and not just for the punters, but for the publican and associated management as well. Noticing and accepting the fact that we live in the world of noise restraints, ‘The Lazy Valentines’ have you covered. Supplying a combination of P.A and lighting systems to cater for your occasion. Whether playing to an acoustic few, or rockin’ out to thousands, ‘The Lazy Valentines’ have your aural and visual delights.
“The Lazy Valentines can only be described in one word, Contagious”
Rolling Stone