Category - The Metriculus


The Offer

What is your Offer? Product USP - Unique Selling Proposition POD - Point of Difference in your market Compliance Brand Show Assets Pedagree Influence...


The Value

What is your Value Add? Target Market Your Market Value Quote per Pub, Club, Function + Wedding Show Brand Value - how many more heads does your...


The Wins

Achievements and Wins Significant Events and Shows Significant Supports Digital Metrics - Likes, Follows, Subscribes Are you signed to a Label...


The Brand

Your Brand Experience What's your Story? How do your fans relate to your Story? What is your Target Market? What are your Brand Values? Where is your...


The Show

The Show Experience Musicianship Vocals Quality, Control and Standard Engagement - On Stage and Digital Stage Delivery Production, Lighting...

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Laura Frank latest single “Days Gone By” release date 17 Feb 2023

Jade Holland releases the Dance Remix of OH MY HEART FRiday 17 Feb 2023

To The Skies latest single WHO I AM released 24 Feb 2023

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