Community Programs

The Sound Garden

The Sound Garden Project is a Sustainable Community Program created by The Pushworth Group in 2012. The first Sound Garden was located in the Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre community garden at the bottom of Clifton Street in Petrie Terrace one of the historic suburbs in Brisbane. It was the start of a larger scale community project where students, residents and local businesses in any location could get together, find a bit of dirt that needed planting, and contribute plants, share the green thumb, work and bounty. The project was designed to get people away from the screen, outside and closer to nature, understanding where their food comes from and creating ways together to connect and grow. We at Pushworth found that digging and working in the garden was a wonderful way for our team to sound off, debrief and distress. Our minds are clearer in the garden and conducting team training and development is more enjoyable as well as efficient. We also found that meeting with our Musician clients was more relaxed and far more productive in the garden away from the internal meeting room. To date, we have managed 4 major Sound Garden events the last one in 2014 being run exclusively by the students of the Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre as part of their training in our Work Window Program. Visit The Sound Garden Website here for more information

Work Window

The Work Window Program is designed to provide in house real time opportunities for Higher Learning students. These students exchange their time to work on specific projects in house for a unique exposure to a real time work experience. Commencing in 2013, we have taken students through real time projects such as major Community Music Festivals, Concert Series, Social Media Campaigns, Artist Development Music Programs and Community Website releases. This program linked into our Team Pushworth Volunteer Program started in 2009 and run annually for the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival. We have trained and developed over 700 people from all walks of life in this time giving them a unique perspective in our office, behind the scenes and in the middle of a major Australian community music festival.

Push The Earth

The Health Creative is a partnership initiative headed by Nichola Burton of The Pushworth Group bringing together a global Wellness team offering Self Care and Wellness Programs for Creatives. LAUNCHING NOVEMBER 2020. “Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom. “-  Gandhi, Iconic Philosopher