Cutting Through The Noise

Your venue is an important local gathering place that provides a unique function in the community. It is the heart of the local community. Live Music and Live Music events at a local pub could potentially boost your bar sales by $300,000.00 each year. * CGA Strategy research, 2011.

  • Why do people go to your venue?
  • What is your brand story?
  • What do you offer your customers?
  • How do you connect and engage with them Live Local and On Line.
  • What will inspire your patrons to leave the comfort of their
    homes, buy a ticket to a show, a meal, a drink, and book a party in your function room?
  • How do you cut through the noise and attract more bums on seats?

Hotels and Bars use Live Music Artists as part of their overall Marketing Strategy to attract and keep customers to their venues. 

The Music Industry in Australia is inextricably linked to the Hospitality Industry.

Who is your Customer? What do THEY want?

  • Locals
  • Tourists
  • Students
  • Seniors
  • Families
  • Suits
  • Tradies
  • *Insert Demographic Here*
  • Local Business
  • Local Community Groups

Every aspect of your Venue Business will be influenced by who your customer is. Getting real and clear on WHO your customer is will influence all areas of your business from menu, to gaming room to bottle shop to bar. It’s really about what THEY want to experience.

So what do THEY need?

What do YOU as a venue offer that has meaning to your customers, makes their lives easier and will bring them back for more?

Put yourself in THEIR shoes.

  • What are you interested in?
  • What keeps you coming back and turns YOU on?
  • Atmosphere?
  • Location?
  • Food?
  • Convenience?
  • Décor?
  • Friendly Staff?
  • Something a little different?
  • A place to celebrate and connect with mates?
  • Cool Live Music?
  • What is the experience that brings you back as a customer enough to drag your friends back with you time and time again?

Whatever EXPERIENCE you are offering will need ongoing relentless creative and interesting marketing.

Live Music forms part of every Venue Marketing Business Plan.

And here is why……….

  • You sell alcohol.
  • Your venue is a place where people gather to socialize, drink, dance and even find romance.
  • You are competing with raves, functions, pop up nightclubs and private parties.
  • To stay in the game and compete with all these other options where people can get together and party, you need to leverage off the Live Music and utilize it in your Social Media and Promotions campaigns.
  • People pay a fortune for music in their marketing and yet you have it at your fingertips every single weekend.

Live Music is the gateway to more customers!

What is the experience that you offer your Customer?

Once you clarify WHO your customer actually is and what THEY want then start creating specific experiences for them instead of the same old general promo:

  • New Bar/Menu Offerings
  • Bottle Shop, Liquor Barn, Pokie Lounge Specials
  • Specific Live Music Nights
  • Go Head to Head with your closest local competitor and raise the bar on them
  • Target Functions, Parties, Milestones, Weddings and Celebrations at your bar
  • Create your own events
  • Build buzz with specific targeted groups among your Customers – sporting fans, suits, families etc
  • Create a local community vibe and focus on groups and events giving your customers and opportunity to contribute
  • Foster a celebration atmosphere

Whatever it is, create a list of goals and then set your benchmarks for marketing concepts for each goal you set. This seriously is the job that never ends and that is what makes it so much fun as long as everyone in your venue keeps it real – you are ALL Marketers in essence.

Work with Your In House Promoters (Live Music/DJ)

Your Entertainer or DJ for that particular event can tag your event or promotion and promote it in THEIR campaigns in the lead up. Then they can promote and run competitions during the night of their performance to focus the audience attention on each specific promotion. Get them to sing or rap and video it for your ongoing Venue Marketing campaigns. You have access to live performers who can MC – leverage it for every one of your promotions! Only limited by your imagination.

Every night you book live music is a Special Event!

  • Sponsoring A Local Community Group?
  • Guest Bartenders?
  • Local Business Promotion?

 It could be a local sporting team or a local charity or community group. A Live Entertainer is a Master of Ceremonies who can shine the spotlight on that group for the whole night. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate with their group at your venue when the whole night is all about YOU? The Live Entertainment keeps everyone happy and partying FOR you.

When local celebrities, radio and TV personalities, DJs, sportsmen or local community leaders agree to be a guest bartender at your venue, the Live Entertainment provides the production, the microphone and the intro and outro music and banter so you don’t have to.

Build local community – keep them coming back as customers. Your internal promotions are typically targeted about the community. When you feature a local business, promoting them as part of your local community programs, the Live Entertainment can give away vouchers for the local business. They can interview the local business owner live on stage. They can perform a special request for the local business, get them to sing along, the business can video it and the whole night is a real feature about the local business being celebrated at YOUR venue. You could even run a Battle of the Businesses and offer discounts off drinks and meals for whichever business brings the most people on any given night and then gets up and sings or dances to their special song with the Live Entertainment together.

Music Means Business

People come to your venue because they want something fun to do. You have a long list of promotions that will give your audience a ton of different activity to do in your venue. Many of these activities will need a microphone, production and an MC to run the competitions, make announcements, feature the local community or business group and keep everyone on the dance floor and in the bar. Ideas are limitless………

  • Combine a Local Artist Exhibition with a Charity Auction and hire an acoustic jazz band to play who will interview the Artists and MC the auction and feature information about the Charity throughout the event.
  • Host a local tradie arvo – Friday 3pm – 6pm – and hire a MMM style rock band playing all their fav hits and run competitions with prizes from local businesses who in turn are being promoted live on stage by the band.
  • Host a Cook Off with proceeds of entry fees to benefit a local charity and hire a band whose style of music matches the style of cooking – eg a Salsa band for a Chilli Cook Off. Create the atmosphere for the event with THREE additional marketers for your venue – the band, the charity, the cooking supply company.
  • Rent a party bus, sell package deals including tickets to a sporting match, round trip bus home, drinks at the venue after party and a safe UBER ride home utilizing a popular acoustic solo guitarist who just plays requests for the bus ride and a party band for the after party.
  • Ask your Wine Rep to run a Wine Tasting once a month and get them to fund the live music – something a little groovier than normal – a string quartet perhaps? It really depends on your customer.
  • Offer packages to Local Businesses where they fund the cost of the Live Entertainment in exchange for a fully featured Business Spotlight Promotional event.

Live Music and your Marketing Strategy

Live Music and Entertainment forms 15% of your Venue Marketing Strategy. Our focus is centred on supporting YOUR BUSINESS with the right Live Music and Entertainment. So when you book an artist with Pushworth, we will work with your Marketing Manager to ensure that you get the best chance to attract Bums on Seats and Raise the Bar!

Gig Activation Checklist

  1. Know your Story
  2. Know the demographics of your catchment area.
  3. Know the target market that YOU are aiming for, and in consideration of the demographics of the catchment area around your venue, tailor all Socials to suit.
  4. Match the branding of your Website, Socials, In House Advertising, Bar Décor and Artwork to keep a congruent image.
  5. Identify your POINT OF DIFFERENCE in your local market
  6. Identify your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION in your local market
  7. Tell your Story
  8. Construct your Marketing Plan and set up your daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals.
  9. Manage your present Socials:
    1. Ensure you have a SOCIALS training update once a month with your team to ensure everyone is on the same track with SOCIALS posting, campaigns and policies
    2. Go through negative reviews and rectify immediately
    3. Ensure you have a register of Socials Admin and Passwords saved and updated
    4. Ensure there is a hierarchy of ADMINISTRATOR access to ensure you do not get locked out of your Socials at any time
    5. Ensure you have a clause in your team Contracts to manage the Socials policy to ensure an exiting Contractor or Team Member can be removed from all Socials without losing the Social page itself.
    6. Look at using a platform like Sprout Social to manage your campaigns and post across multiple platforms.
  10. Organise a VENUE iPAD or iPHONE that is set up to all Socials encouraging your team to post daily
  11. Hire a photographer and a videographer to take shots of people in the venue eating, drinking, watching bands, dancing, partying. Make sure the demographic of the people in the shots/footage match the demo in your catchment area and target market.
  12. Integrate your Marketing with Us:
    1. Official Hashtags
    2. Facebook Page
    3. Twitter
    4. Instagram
    5. You Tube Channel
    6. Your Media Plan – Print/Radio
    7. Monthly Art Deadline
    8. File Formats for Live Music Art
  13. Meet with Us for:
    1. Live Music Marketing Audit
    2. Internal/External Marketing Review
    3. Cycles/Trends/Market Price
    4. Strategies for Live Music Marketing Integration