Equal Employment Opportunity and Equitable Treatment

 For all purposes of employment, PUSHWORTH shall ensure that all Team Members are treated fairly and equitably. This will include equal opportunity for all position vacancies and the selection process shall be transparent and open to all Team Members. Nothing in this agreement shall limit or restrict the Company’s right to manage or operate its business or minimise your duty of care to make full disclosure to PUSHWORTH.

  • The parties are committed to the principles and practices of equal employment opportunity. PUSHWORTH shall not discriminate in the basis of age, colour, intellectual or physical disability, marital status, national or ethnic origin, parental status, political conviction, pregnancy, race, religious belief, or sexual preferences or same sex partners.
  • PUSHWORTH is committed to utilising the skills and talents of all Team Members through ensuring those Team Members equal access to the following:
  • Selection
  • Development
  • Promotion
  • Career Path Opportunities
  • Training

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