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Why Should I 'Face the Music'?

The Pushworth Group has a long history of nurturing the careers of musicians while also supporting venues across Queensland. Over the past 30 years, The Pushworth Group has worked with musicians from their formative stages right through to ARIA and Grammy award winners. They have been involved with over 145,000 live events, produced significant community festivals and have had a hand in developing some of Australia’s most iconic musicians eg Savage Garden and The Butterfly Effect.

Their latest program, Face the Music, utilizes this expertise to develop existing and emerging musicians, elevating their standard to enable them to capitalise on upcoming Tours, Releases, Campaigns and business opportunities.

As a secondary benefit from the Face The Music program, the increased high level of entertainment and marketing and supportive services, bars and venues have a greater chance to leverage these tours to increase trade, attract more people on premise and ultimately incentivise audiences to spend more money in their local community.

In 2021, the landscape of the Australian Music Industry is almost decimated. Few Music Artists can afford to pay for full time Artist Management and therefore do not necessarily have access to resources that can guide, support and facilitate them through the music business journey.

Face the Music is a program designed to specifically support independent artists on this journey. Face the Music offers the overview of an Artist Manager with the strategies of a Business Manager.

Face the Music activates a stabilizing force in a highly destabilized and uncertain market, elevates the standard of musicians, increases the musician’s income earning potential which ultimately drives traffic to venues across Queensland benefitting industries impacted by COVID-19 such as arts, hospitality, accommodation and tourism.

Key Deliverables - task/activity to be undertaken

Outcome - What will be achieved by this activity?

What types of audiences will benefit from your activity?

How your activity will contribute to employment opportunities and the expected economic benefits of your activity for other industries such as hospitality and accommodation and for your organisation.


Letters of Support


Jumping Over Giants did a Face The Music session with Nichola Burton in advance of the release of our first album. The session identified potential threats that we had been unconsciously avoiding for months. Armed with new strategies and an upgraded Release Vision, we were then able to plan the tours around the challenges of two of our members to mitigate potential issues for our impending tour. The session also highlighted opportunities for us in terms of potential Charity partnerships giving us scripts, content and marketing plans that would support our up coming release. Without the Face the Music session, my investment in our album would not have been realised and the tour would have simply been a cost instead of an investment not only into our band but the venues and the local economy.
Michael Geeves
Producer, Writer, Band Manager

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