Gig Safe Code

Live Artist Gig Safe Wellness Practice

Once pubs and clubs open, Live Music Artists will be released back into the wild. The Gig Safe Code includes a Strong Wellness Practice for all Live Music Artists. Once live shows re open, it is very important to keep yourself healthy while you are exposed to a Hotel or Club audience.We recommend that you adapt a wellness regime and keep your Immune System alive and well. Click Here

Gig Safe Kit

Artists each provide their own Gig Safe Kit for each show including hand sanitizer, gloves, alcohol wipes and Glen 20.

The Gig Safe Show practice includes the wiping down of all equipment in each break including mics, leads, stands, instruments, amps and PA.

Our Live Music Artists observe a strict personal Debugging practice when they arrive home each night – shoes, hair, clothes etc. – to protect against COVID 19 transmission.

Social Distancing

Our Live Music Artists will follow all Safety directives from Security, Management and Staff to ensure all Live Shows are safe.

No patron will use any equipment – mic, instrument etc.

Social Distancing will be observed on stage and in every area of the venue.

Live Artists will promote the Venue Gig Safe policy on stage during the show.

COVID 19 Infection Control Training

We recommend that as part of your Gig Safe Practice, that you sign up to do this free online Infection Control Training Course provided by Health Qld. All Hospitality workers will be doing this course and it will assist you in the Control Of Possible Infections regarding your Equipment at each performance.