There are the Pushworth Trading Terms and Conditions for all Client Services including: 

  1. Preferred Entertainment Service Supplier for your venue
  2. Exclusive Live Music + DJ Program Curation for your Venue
  3. Event Management 
  4. Premium Music Brand booking
  5. Booking Live Artist or DJ for Special Events – Weddings, Function, Party, Festival

Side of Stage


  1. Onboard Here
  2. Download the Entertainment Supply Agreement Here 
  3. Complete, sign, scan and return
  4. Upload Completed + Signed Supply Agreement
  5. We activate your Venue Details into our System to ensure that all Worksheets issued to Artists contain your current information.


  1. Specific Pushworth Service
  2. Production Needs
  3. OHS Requirements
  4. Digital Marketing Needs
  5. Event Management Needs


  1. In House Logistics
  2. Program Brief
  3. Administration System
  4. Payment Schedule
  5. OHS Expectations
  6. Marketing Assets Portal

Digital Assets

Post Onboard and Activation you will be provided with a Google Drive link containing:

    1. High Resolution Artist Images
    2. Digital Assets for Feature Shows


Pending your Service Selection and Touring/Feature Artist Contract requirements, some shows have accompanying riders:

  1. Hospitality Rider
  2. Accommodation Rider
  3. Production Specification
  4. Backline Specification
  5. Input List
  6. Stage Plot
  7. Flight and Baggage Riders
  8. These will be uploaded to your Google Drive for your access

Front of House

Staging the Show

You will provide the Artist with:

  1. A safe area to perform – a stage or a designated performance area
  2. Power in close proximity to the stage
  3. Sufficient staff to ensure adequate supervision of the Venue and security and protection of the Artist at all times
  4. Secure parking for the Artist close to the load in bay/entrance
  5. For Feature Shows, power supplies as operated by suitably qualified persons and equipment (as set out in the Production Rider) in good working order.
  6. For Feature Shows: A central area in the auditorium of the Venue for the sound and lighting equipment/desks and Purchaser confirms it will provide suitable first class sound and lighting facilities as set out in the Production Rider
  7. For Feature Shows: a clean, comfortable, air-conditioned, lockable dressing room with table, chairs, mirror and power points suitable for up to 12 persons for Artist’s exclusive use. (IF CONTRACTED) The key to the room will be given to the Artist on arrival
  8. For Feature Shows: parking adjacent to the Venue stage entrance and access to the Venue for the Artist, the Artist’s crew and equipment at least six hours prior to the opening of doors for the purpose of set up and sound check, and access to allow load out equipment after the Performance
  9. For Feature Shows: Secure parking for three vehicles close to stage door

Safety Compliance

Click here for the Pushworth Show Safety Policy 

Pending your specific OHS requirements, our Artists can meet your nominated Safety Officer for a Site Induction upon arrival at your venue

  1. Our Artists are covered with annual Public Liability Certificate of Currency $20 Million
  2. Our Artists have a Tag and Test Lead Certificate updated every 6 months
  3. Our Artists follow their own unique SWMS for each show.
  4. Our Artists will alert any unsafe behaviour to your nominated Safety Officer
  5. Our Artists will follow their own SWMS and ensure that all members and all production crew observe the Safe Work Practices for example:
  6. In the event that the equipment on the stage provided by the venue, is getting wet from flooding or rain, the Artist has the right to terminate the performance until such time that the performance area is deemed safe by the Venue OHS officer.
  7. In the event that the stage is uncovered outdoors, and the Artist is unable to perform due to excess heat and sun exposure, the Artist has the right to terminate the performance until such time that the performance area is deemed safe by the Venue OHS officer.
  8. In the event that flooding in the area will prevent the Artist from safely getting home, they have the right to terminate the performance and accept payment of time in lieu, in consultation with the Venue OHS officer.
  9. Our Artists will follow all Health and Safety protocols as advised by your nominated Safety Officer

Show Production

All Show contracts will note your Specific Venue Production logistics

In House Specs

  1. You will email the full In House Spec PLUS the name and contact number for your PA technician to us before we issue the Show Contract
  2. The Artist will follow their Health and Safety protocol and ensure that all usage of In-House equipment is done professionally, safely and with respect.
  3. In the event that the In House equipment is damaged in any way, the Artist will be liable for said damage.
  4. In House equipment must be repaired and maintained quarterly to ensure the integrity of the sound production in house.
  5. All Pushworth Artists will notify us of any equipment that no longer works so that you can arrange for repair and maintenance

Artist Provided Production Specs

  1. In standard local shows, Artists will provide the appropriate PA & lights.
  2. The PA will be appropriate to venue capacity
  3. The minimum lights requested are 2 x pars 56 or equivalent for solo/duos & 4 x pars 56 or equivalent for bands.
  4. Smoke/Haze machines are not permitted unless otherwise approved

Installation – Standard Cover Show

You will provide all logistic requirements for a Standard Cover Show Installation.

Here are the Standard Installation Details for your reference:

  1. Standard Load in is 1 Hour Prior to Performance.
  2. Set Up is 30 Minutes Prior to Performance
  3. Break Music to be on 15 Minutes prior to Start Time
  4. Sound Check is Line Check Only unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  5. Break Music to be on 15 Minutes post Finish Time. (unless otherwise notified)
  6. Production Dismantle and Load out is immediately after Performance (unless otherwise notified)
  7. Specific Installation times will be noted on the Show Contract

Installation – Feature Show

You will provide all logistic requirements for a Feature or Touring Artist Show Installation.

Here are the Standard Installation Details for your reference:

  1. Load In Times as per the contract – typically at least three hours prior to performance
  2. Set Up Times as per the contract typically at least two hours prior to performance
  3. Strict Sound Check Times as per the contract – typically at least one hour prior to performance
  4. Load Out Times as per the contract – typically immediately post performance

Show Delivery Standard

Standard as follows:

  1. Upon Arrival At Show, the Artist meets the Duty Manager for Safety Induction unless specifically requested in your brief.
  2. Stage Installation as above
  3. Artist is briefed by Duty Manager for any of the following: Promotions for Artist to Do Live on Stage OHS Schedule Changes Announcements to be Made from Stage
  4. All performers must maintain a “general audiences” rating for their performance unless specifically requested in your brief.
  5. Artists are asked to respect Venue staff, as well as the neighbours surrounding Venue site upon Gig Installation.
  6. Artists are asked to observe a Dress code in accordance with the rules of the venue and according to your brief.
  7. The use of illicit drugs on site, or in any Performance Area, Green Room or any area associated with the Performance Area (i.e. out the front of the venue) is cautioned against.
  8. In accordance with City bylaws, smoking is not permitted onstage or backstage.
  9. Animals are not permitted onstage or backstage.
  10. No food or beverages are permitted onstage with the exception of bottled water being safely stored beside the performer according to their SWMS.


  1. No Alcohol to be provided free to Artists unless a Hospitality Rider has been agreed to and signed by the Promoter.
  2. All artists are entitled to complimentary soft drink or water.
  3. Drinks may be consumed backstage and disposal of cans and bottles into the provided bin.
  4. If meals are provided, the Venue will be provide the protocol to Pushworth for inclusion on the Show Contract
  5. If a Drink Rider is provider, the Venue will be provide the protocol to Pushworth for inclusion on the Show Contract
  6. Food can only be consumed at the official Green Room (if provided).
  7. The Artist must follow its own Security Protocol for all items stored on stage, backstage, side of stage or in a dressing room.


  1. Performance Times will be noted on each Contract.
  2. In the event of a time change, Pushworth will email the Artist with your revised times.
  3. Each Performance will operate on the time set by you.
  4. The Artist must check with the Duty Manager upon arrival and synchronize times to establish Official Gig Time and ensure start, finish, sets and breaks are maintained.
  5. All Artists will set their devices to Official Gig Time.
  6. In any dispute over performance start/end time, we shall defer to OGT.
  7. You reserve the right to cancel a performance if a performer does not show up on time a performance.
  8. Should you ask the Artist to finish earlier than the contracted times, you are still obligated to pay the full amount on the contract.
  9. Should an Artist ask to finish earlier than the contracted times, they will consult with your Duty Manager to notify them of the reason and will be paid in lieu for the time performed.

Back Of House


  1. Unless otherwise notified, we will issue you with a Monthly Report showing each performance date for that Month 
  2. This will be emailed to you by the 10th of the prevous month.
  3. Please check and sign and return to your Booker.
  4. Reports will be sent to the registered email address for your Venue Booking Manager.
  5. Please notify all changes immediately to rectify before each performance date is executed.


  1. Please add [email protected] into your Email Contacts list.
  2. We will email a Tax Invoice for the entertainment for the previous week to your nominated Accounts person on the following Sunday/Monday (or next business day post weekend) from [email protected]
  3. As the service is personally delivered, the payment terms are 7 days net. For longer payment terms, please discuss with your booker. Additional fees may apply. 
  4. The BSB and Bank Account details for your payment are clearly noted on each Invoice.
  5. They are also clearly noted on the Invoice Email Signature for your convenience.
  6. Once you deposit your Invoice payment in full, please email your Remittance to [email protected]
  7. Once your invoice is paid in full, it is paid to the Artist’s Invoice within 72 business hours
  8. We issue Invoice Follow Up emails every Tuesday and will follow you up for payment once 7 days have passed.
  9. All payments will be made directly to The Pushworth Group unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  10. Statements and Reports can be provided to you at any time. Simply email [email protected] with your request and we will provide it within 48 business hours.
  11. Failure to pay the Pushworth Invoice within 7 days may result in the application of late fees of 20%.

Cancellation – You, Your artist, Pushworth artist

  1. It happens. You may have to cancel your booked entertainment at the last minute because your car park is flooded. Your stage is leaking. You have lost power. You may not have enough staff to even operate. You may have a glitch in your internal booking system and accidentally double book your artist with ours.
  2. These things happen. We work closely with all venues to help you through a challenging situation to find an amicable solution when things like this happen. The standard industry practice is that all cancellations within seven days must be paid in full as the Artist has lost income due to no fault of their own. However, we are always happy to negotiate for you to find an amicable solution for all parties.
  3. You will have to deal with cancellations as well. Artists you have booked directly may cancel at the last minute or simply not show up.
  4. In the event of a no show or cancellation by your Artist, call Pushworth and we will attempt to replace that artist for you. 9/10 times we will be able to find a replacement act for you. Our Data shows that casual booking venues struggle with a 65% greater rate of no shows and last-minute cancellations than venues who book exclusively with Pushworth.
  5. Conversely, our Artists may get sick, have car accidents on the way to your show or have to take sick children to the hospital at the last minute. These things happen.
  6. In the event of a cancellation by the Artist, Pushworth will replace that artist for you.

Conflict of Interest

Should a venue wish to contract any Pushworth artist for once a month shows for the duration of six months, Pushworth agrees to not book that same Artist at a potential competitor venue in that same regional area, (within five kilometres) for that same period. Subject to Discretion.

Professional Expectations

  1. All parties agree to treat each other with respect in all communications – Artist, Venue Manager, Marketing Manager, Accounts Receivable and Payable Manager, Agent, Production Manager, Venue Staff and Patrons.
  2. All parties agree that there is zero tolerance for physical, verbal and/or sexual abuse or harassment.

Show Feedback

  1. We encourage you to share your feedback about each artist by clicking here and completing this form 
  2. We will ensure that the feedback is followed up with the Artist with rectifications made accordingly if required.
  3. Should you request confidentiality, we will convey the feedback anonymously.