Maroochy RSL Music Means Business Event


Venue: Maroochy RSL Central Bar
Address: Memorial Drive, Maroochydore
Production Supplied by: Jeremy Shepherd
Technician: Jeremy Shepherd
Pushworth Coordinator: Emmanuel Kyriakidis
Parking: No Parking Provided
Load In: Bring your Instruments and Drummers Sticks Only. No Amps.
Load Out: After each performance can all performers please clear the stage immediately so that the act after you has enough time to Set up and sound check.
Set Up: Playing Area is on stage
What To Bring: Backline (Guitars, Pedalboards, Keyboards, Sticks)
What is Supplied: Full TD4 Roland Electronic Drum Kit

FOH and Foldback

Mics and Stands

DI Boxes


Vocalists, please feel free to bring your own mic is you wish for your own comfort and hygiene.

Considerations: There may be families dining in the restaurant so keep language, dress and behaviour at a PC level.
Arrival Time: Arrive at the Venue one hour prior to your showcase time
Set Up: It is a very fast changeover with 20 minutes to get on and off stage.
Sound Check: Line Check Only
Showcase Time: We suggest you perform 5-6 of your best songs. First and Last song of the night and three – four pivotal songs from the 2nd and 3rd sets to give us a grand overview.