Music Means Business 2019 Master Class

As part of Pushworth’s ongoing commitment to the development of its Artists, our 2019 Master Class series will feature special guests as well as the Pushworth team addressing Music Business challenges. Places are limited. Click Below to Register

The Voice Master Class Monday 4 Feb 2019 The Victory Hotel

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending the first of our Master Class Series for 2019 – The Voice – with the team and several of our Artists last night. Facilitated by Christie Dawkins, of Vocal Effects, we were introduced to the very practical science of ongoing Vocal Management for Gigging Musicians. The challenge for us as Agents is that most of the negative feedback, we get from our venues is about vocal quality. We wanted to know why. It was really helpful to share and listen to each other’s stories and challenges to get a clearer understanding of the landscape facing gigging artists. We were simultaneously inspired, terrified, encouraged, nagged and educated. Whenever an Artist is struggling with vocal challenges, we send them to Christie. There is no other vocal teacher in this country we would work with as she understands the culture, the psychology and the market like no one else. If you couldn’t make it last night and are interested in getting a copy of the notes, email me and I will share with you. We hope to bring Christie back for another Vocal class later in the year so stay tuned for that. To Christie – thank you for shining a light on the most important instrument in every band and for giving us so much information. Love your work! #pushworth #musicmeansbusiness #tunedin #vocaleffects #breathe