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For every gig that we book for our Clients, there is a Duty of Care for us to ensure that the Artist is able to meet the event brief and deliver a performance on stage with the required marketing on line. If you would like to apply to work with us in our events and programs, we will offer you the opportunity to perform at one of our regular Music Means Business events. This showcase is a means for you to present your live act in a professional setting so that our booking team can see you in action to review and assess your suitability for the various clients that we work with.

Production and Technician is supplied by Pushworth so we just ask that you turn up with your instruments, amps, leads and give us one short set covering a variety of your best material. Rule of Thumb Play the best song from each set!!! 🙂

**These dates may change. You will be notified as soon as possible. Stay Tuned!

Booking Team: Michael Geeves, Mark Colvin and Manny Kyriakidis will be in attendance at most events to review your act.

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Music Means Business WORKSHEET

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Maroochy RSL

Royal Exchange Hotel, Toowong

The Victory Hotel 


To Apply for a Music Means Business Event, please click on a date and complete the Application Form.


In the spirit of community and support for the Music Industry, we encourage all acts to stay for the entire event – (7pm – 10pm) to watch and support each act, to introduce yourselves to each other, to connect and network, to get to know the music that each other is bringing to the event.


Everything is about Marketing – LIVE, LOCAL + DIGITAL – in the current Music Industry. So how you engage and connect ON LINE is just as important as how you engage and connect ON STAGE. Please share the Industry Night poster on ALL your Social Media networks and promote your appearance at this event live and locally in your own communities. Your value to a prospective venue is in your ability to self-promote, build your fan base and work in synergy with every gig community.


We will check in with the Management and Staff for their feedback about your performance.

Your talent is a given. We expect you to have a high standard of vocal performance and musicianship.

We will assess what you bring ON LINE and ON STAGE in conjunction with the present Pushworth client target market trends. What song did you play and how did the audience respond? How did you manage the production, work in with the technician and deal with challenges as they arose? How did you present yourself? How did you use the stage? And most importantly, how you engage, connect and entertain the audience? Did you perform to them? Did you respond to them in your delivery, performance and song choices?

You may not like our feedback however we promise to give you get real time constructive feedback based on the brief given to use in the sector of the market that we work in day to day. If we don’t believe that we can offer your act gigs in its present state, then we will tell you.

We will give you pointers to improve on and an opportunity to return at a later date if you like.

You may already be working with other agents or directly. When you contact Pushworth for us to offer you gigs, we have a higher standard than all other agencies. As such we will be looking for the value that you offer the market that WE work in. 


Post Industry Event

Once we have an idea of where you sit in the market, we may be able to start to offer you gigs in our venue programs.

If what you offer doesn’t match what our clients need in this market, we may not be able to offer you gigs. HOWEVER we will ensure that you are added to our website and our database for future possible opportunities. You never know what gigs may be offered to us that just may suit you. So once we have seen you we will know your value and where we can propose you.

If we are unable to place you, please keep doing what you are doing. Get clear on your Music Business goals and fine tune your product and target market. We will keep watching your journey so that we can match you to an opportunity when it arises. 

Once you have performed, we will email you with feedback.

If we believe that we can include your act in our programs, we will ask you for the following:

Registration – download, print, complete, scan and return to us

Artist Code – read and understand it

Email us your latest EPK – Electronic Press Kit including:

  • High Res Publication Ready Photograph
  • Bio in Word
  • Song List by Artist Order in Word
  • All your Social Media Links – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, You Tube, Website
  • Sample of your Digital Poster – you need to do one for every gig and publish on your Social Media tagging the Venue and Pushworth to ensure all Networks are covered.

Share your Google Calendar with so that he always knows when you can gig.  

Our programs are booked 3 – 6 months in advance so if we begin to work with you, it may take a while to work you into the programs.

Stay Connected. We will always want to book an Artist who brings value to a Venue.