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We can check out your audios on Spotify or Soundcloud. We can check out your videos on You Tube. Your Social Media may look great with tons of engagement. But for us, we need to see what happens when you get on stage. How does the audience respond to you? What is the energy exchange? What happens at the bar when you are on stage?

If you would like to apply to work with us in our events and programs, we will offer you the opportunity to perform at one of our Music Means Business events. This showcase is a means for you to present your live act in a professional setting so that our booking team can see you in action to review and assess your suitability for the various clients that we work with. We are selling a Sensory Experience. We are selling an Energy Exchange. Without being there with you LIVE and observing how your set influences the audience, we cannot give you the best Show Offers that suit your Music brand.

Production and Technician is supplied by Pushworth so we just ask that you turn up with your instruments, amps, leads and give us one short set covering a variety of your best material. Rule of Thumb Play the best song from each set!!! 🙂

Please understand that there may be times that dates and times may change. You will be notified as soon as possible. Stay Tuned!

Someone from the Booking Team –  Michael Geeves, Mark Colvin and Manny Kyriakidis will be in attendance to review your act.

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Music Means Business WORKSHEET

(Please click on the venue to read the Logistics Information)

Royal Exchange Hotel, Toowong (Not until later 2021)

The Victory Hotel  (No bands)

Brothers Leagues Club Ipswich

Showcase Statistics

Since July 1990, we have showcased 6500 Artists at these events. Of these 50% were ready to gig with Pushworth. 15% were outside our market. 35% were not gig ready. Artists who are not yet gig ready are provided specific market feedback, Artist Development information and encouragement to showcase again in three months once they made the suggested upgrades.

Clients come to Pushworth for a fully integrated streamline solution for waning audience numbers, brutal market competition vs excessive entertainment cost. With a strong focus on ROI, previous gig history is no guarantee you are the right fit for what a venue needs in its business plan moving forward into this next decade.

Every aspect of running a live music act is huge and takes plenty of energy and dedication. Each of us at Pushworth have a long history of gigging individually so we know what is required to gig week in and week out.

Registering with us and participating at an MMB event is not an audition or a free gig or about making us happy.

It is about one thing only and we assess every single act that we book in the same fashion.

Seeing you live in this generic vanilla environment, gives our team the opportunity to evaluate you on every level, – your capacity, standard, cohesion, stage presence, musicianship, sound production, entertainment value, audience engagement, professionalism, live PR skills etc. We want to see the SHOW. (That’s very different to just playing songs). We also evaluate you online – look at your level of engagement, likes, artwork, campaigns and posts, to better understand your organic target market and how you manage your brand narrative.

We do this so that if you meet our market Enterprise Standard, we can offer your live music product to the right client.

Showcase Preparation

At your Showcase, we provide full production, lighting and a dedicated sound technician.

Please make sure that you email your Stage Plot and your Input List to at least one week before the Showcase.

Not sure about either?

Stage Plot – click here 

Input List – click here

For hygiene purposes, we suggest that you bring your own microphones and leads.

Is Your Show Ready To Market?

Is your Show ready to market? Do you have high resolution professional Digital Assets ready to provide to Venues who wish to book you? What you do Live and Digital determines your commercial value. Your Digital Show is just as important as your Live Show. Please share the Music Means Business poster on ALL your Social Media networks and promote your appearance at this event live and locally in your own communities. Your value to a prospective venue is in your ability to self-promote, build your fan base and work in synergy with every gig community.

Music Means Business Assessment Process

We use the Metriculous ® Model to review your Music Means Business performance. Click Here for Detail


Management and Staff of each Venue survey their patrons and provide feedback for each Showcase Spot. We will assess the Show in accordance with present Pushworth client target market trends. What song did you play and how did the audience respond? How did you manage the production, work in with the technician and deal with challenges as they arose? How did you present yourself? What is the quality of the lead vocals? What is the level of musicianship? How did you use the stage? And most importantly, how you engage, connect and entertain the audience? Did you perform to them? Did you respond to them in your delivery, performance and song choices? How does your show match similar shows already gigging with us?

You may not what we say however we promise to give you constructive feedback based on the brief given to use in the sector of the market that we work in day to day. If we don’t believe that we can sell your Show to our present Target Market in its present state, then we will tell you.

We will provide you with real time Market Feedback and an opportunity to return at a later date if you like.

You may already be working with other agents or directly. When you contact Pushworth for us to offer you gigs, we have a higher standard than all other agencies. We believe in building better business for everyone – Artist and Venue. As such we will be looking for the value that you offer the market that WE work in.

Your talent is a given. We expect you to have a high standard of vocal performance and musicianship. Its how you use your Resource to create your Show that is important.

What Happens Next?

Once we know where you sit in our market, we may be able to start to offer you gigs in our venue programs.

If what you offer doesn’t match what our clients need in this market, we may not be able to offer you gigs. HOWEVER, we will ensure that you are added to our website and our database for future possible opportunities. You never know what gigs may be offered to us that just may suit you. So once we have seen you we will know your value and where we may be able to book you.

If we are unable to place you, please keep doing what you are doing. Get clear on your Music Business goals and fine tune your product and target market. We will keep watching your journey so that we can match you to an opportunity when it arises.

Once you have performed, we will email you with feedback.

If we believe that we can include your act in our programs, we will ask you for the following:

Registration – download, print, complete, scan and return to us

Artist Code – read and understand it

Email us your latest EPK – Electronic Press Kit including:

Share your Google Calendar with so that he always knows when you can gig.

Our programs are booked 3 – 6 months in advance so if we begin to work with you, it may take a while to work you into the programs.

Stay Connected. We will always want to book an Artist who delivers a great show live.

This is a Pushworth Sponsored Event

This is a Pushworth Sponsored Event. We trust that you will refer all enquiries at this event back to Pushworth to negotiate on your behalf.