Your Social Media Strategy as an Artist
Your Social Media Strategy as an Artist

Your Social Media Strategy as an Artist


What is the story that you tell each day on Social Media about your live music business?

Who are you engaging with? What do they like about your act? What do you share with them that keeps them downloading your music, buying tickets to your shows and being super fans.

What competitions do you regularly run? What themes do you create? What is your weekly series? Some examples but not limited to (there are literally thousands of things you can do here)

  • Photos of your Gear
  • Photos or Videos of your Fans at Gigs
  • Photos of each Band Member playing music as a kid

What is beyond the music? What weekly posts do you do to give your fans information about who you are off stage? What’s coming up? How do you invite your fans to your gigs? What separates your event invitations from the 1000s that are sent each week? Where is your point of difference? What do you offer your fans that is exclusive?  How do you cut through everyone else’s noise?

Questions that you can easily answer when you commence your Social Media journey…..

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