Personal Standards


PUSHWORTH expects high standards of personal presentation are practiced with consideration of:

  • Work location
  • Health and safety issues
  • Impact on different types of customers
  • Specific presentation requirements for particular work functions

Office Dress:

Smart Casual, Clean and Tidy

PUSHWORTH Events Dress:

Co-coordinating Industry nights, judging PUSHWORTH sponsored events, stage managing PUSHWORTH Produced Festivals and Events and tour managing artists, Team Members (employees and Limited Liability Partners) must wear the PUSHWORTH T Shirt.

Both PUSHWORTH Directors may send a team member home from the office or PUSHWORTH event to change if they consider the team member’s dress is unsuitable for work. People sent home for this reason are not paid for the period of time they are absent from work.

Personal Work Areas:


Please re arrange to ensure that DESKS are maintained NEAT and TIDY and CLEAN at all times.
Weekly dust your desk and computer screen.
Wipe down your phone.
Look after your chairs
Empty your own bin DAILY.
Maintain TIDY and CLEAN Filing Cabinets
Establish your own ARCHIVE + BACK UP routines
Once you ARCHIVE, add to the FILE MAP (data on server)
No loose papers to be kept on desks unless you are working on it.
Once complete, please file in a tray or folder.




Meeting room
Storage Rooms
Electronic Equipment
Maintain a clean neat and tidy shared office space together

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