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Are your current metrics enough to sustain your Music Business? If you don’t know what your numbers are, then start collecting your Metrics. It may shock you to know that when we propose your act to a Venue, Promoter, Corporate Client or Event/Wedding Planner, they ask for your On Line Metrics first up. Then they google you. If your answer is that you are being booked into the wrong gigs or it is the Venue’s responsibility or it is the Agent’s responsibility then you are on the fast track to becoming a Music Business Dinosaur. And if you are ok with that, then click off now and don’t read any more.

However if you are not satisfied with the gigs that you are being offered and you want to KEEP gigging and earning performance income while selling your CDs, DVDs and Merch to fans – reach potential students, customers wanting you to produce their music, potential network partners wanting to offer you soundtrack gigs or write and record a project together, you would love to be offered some higher paying corporate gigs or you just want to rock out each week performing local cover gigs across Queensland and Northern NSW, then contact us for information about our free Pushworth Artist Only Master Brand and Marketing Classes. It has never been easier to build a brand and band value in a market. Email

And while you start to collect and build your On Line Metrics, check out this information below:

2018: Social Media Trends to Consider

Helpful numbers to keep in consideration: The world population is 7.6 billion and the internet has 4.1 billion users.

General Social Media







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