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Artist Business Forms

Managing your Music Business can be challenging at the best of times. Here are three forms to assist you with Business Management that many of our artists use. Feel free to use them.

Social Media Management

Music Means Business Survey

Show Me The Money Survey

Brand Management and Planning

Artist Rider Templates

Feel free to use our Artist Riders to ensure that we have all your Gig Information ready for Festivals, Corporte Functions, Away Gigs and Special Events.

Hospitality Rider

Accomodation Rider

Flight and Baggage Rider

Backline Rider

Input List

Stage Plot

Music Business Guides

As part of our commitment to Music Business excellence, we have compiled a library of free Music Industry Guides for you to use. Feel free to share.

Are You Gig Ready?

Gig Fit – a Health and Fitness Guide

Road Trip

Seven Super Secret Weapons for Survival in the Music Industry

Wedding Band

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