Stage Plot


What is a stage plot?

If your band tours, you need a stage plot. If you gig at festivals, you need a stage plot. If you gig at Corporate Events, you need a stage plot.

A stage plot is a graphic representation that clearly shows your band’s setup when you perform live, your placement on stage, what gear you use, and some other helpful information. Including:

Basic visual that shows where each member is positioned on stage.

Names of each member and what instruments they play.

Number of mics, DIs, monitors, and cables (XLRs or 1/4 inch) you’ll need the venue to provide.

Detail the gear (DIs, mics, etc) you’ll be providing.

Note the balanced outputs for bass and keyboard amplifiers. Mic or DI.

Position of Amps in relation to each performer

How do I create a stage plot?