Set up a Tour

  • Obtain ABN
  • Add Artist into Aquarius
    • Administrator as Client
    • Touring Artist Name as Supplier
  • Add dates to AR Tracker
  • Copy New Artist Folder in – update name to Artist Tour
  • Email Artist to upload to Drop Box:
    • SWMS
    • Lead Tag Certificate
    • Pub Lib COC
  • Tour Paperwork:
    • Manny will issue a Contract for each Tour Date
    • Contract will be emailed to the Venue and to the Artist by Manny
    • Send Tour Activation Email Signature with Contract
    • Venue is to sign the Contract and return to Manny
    • Manny to email to you to FILE
    • You will produce a Worksheet for each Tour Date
    • Worksheet to be emailed to the Artist and Supports and Production Manager
    • You will produce a Moneysheet for each Tour
    • Moneysheet to be emailed to the Artist Manager and Tour Manager before the Tour Starts
  • Upload to Artist Tour Drop Box
    • Contract
    • Worksheet
    • Moneysheet
  • Collect Names for Guest List for each Tour Date
  • Send Ticketing Updates to Artist Manager for each Tour Date
    • Send Guest List to Venue
    • Send Latest Ticketing Sale Report to Artist Manager
  • Manny give you Tour Dates
  • Send Touring Artist Activation Email (signature)
  • Create Folder under H:\2 Tours\YEAR
    • Artist Name
    • Tour Name and Month
  • Set up Drop Box for Artist
    • Share Link with Artist
    • Email Artist to add Drop Box to their phone so they can access everything for the tour
  • Email Artist Tour Marketing Set Up
    • High Res Tour Photo
    • Tour Presser
    • Tour Social Media Links
    • Vox Pop for each Tour Date
    • Ask them to upload Tour Promo to Drop Box
  • Add Artist to Pushworth Website
  • Create Tour Poster in
    • Email Poster to each Venue
    • Upload Tour Poster to Sprout Social 6 weeks prior once a week tag Venue and Act via Pushworth
  • Create Event in Facebook tag and invite Venue and Act to host via Pushworth
  • When receive Vox Pop, Upload to Pushworth You Tube Channel
    • Upload Vox Pop to Pushworth Drop Box
    • Share to Venue
    • Copy link to Pushworth You Tube Vox Pop URL
    • Share to Venue
  • Ask for Tour Riders
    • Use and set up Master Tour Rider for Artist
    • Save as PDF and add to Pushworth Artist Page

Laura Frank latest single “Days Gone By” release date 17 Feb 2023

Jade Holland releases the Dance Remix of OH MY HEART FRiday 17 Feb 2023

To The Skies latest single WHO I AM released 24 Feb 2023

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