Surviving + Thriving Lockdown

In this unprecedented time in history, you need to keep your head in order to get out the other side of this. For the first time in history, Music Artists, cannot perform at live shows. And this bloody inconvenience puts into question every single thing about your Music Business. Audiences of every kind – virtual or live – respond to certainty and authenticity so be kind to yourself as you move through all the stages of this experience.

First things first —Adopt a Wellness Regime. Increase the capacity of your Immune System with basic practices like Colloidal Silver, Garlic, Lemon, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cloves Oil and Thieves Oil.  Reduce your Inflammation by implementing a high-level Wellness program. Clean Green Nutrition. Delete Uber Eats from your Phone. Hydrate. Restore your Gut Biome. Move. Walk every day. Stretch. You can use anything in your household in your fitness regime. Tune in. As a Live Music Artist you already specialise in frequency – you provide a Sensory Experience in each show. You know how to exchange energy with your audience. This is one area that you have already mastered. So tune into your body. Meditate. Connect to yourself. Connect to nature. Find your own frequency. Value your Emotional and Mental Health with Self Care Rituals. Understand and Manage your Triggers and have strategies available to deal with any challenges that present themselves. (especially this one). Allow yourself to feel every single emotion that comes up– anger, fear, confusion, reticence, sadness. Bitterness, excitement, frustration – feel everything. Don’t try and distract yourself from not fully feeling it. Allow it to be felt it in your body. Sit with it for as long as it takes. Thank it. Then release it into the wild.

Adopt a Wellness Regime

2.  Get Real with yourself. Tighten your belt, batten down the hatches. Set up a budget and stick to it. Stop spending what you can’t afford. Cut as many costs as you can. Hibernate whatever you can. Diversify your income activities. Rent out a room. Sell stuff on Gum Tree, Marketplace or eBay. Get crafty and sell your digital creations on Etsy. Advertise your services on Air Tasker – clean houses, walk dogs, garden, mow, basic home handy man maintenance, dig holes, build fences or move furniture. Explore new possibilities. Investigate alternative avenues of performance. Discover new channels for distribution. What else could you do to earn income in the meantime? What are your resources? What are your assets? What skills as a Live Music Artist can you convert into another area? Offer them on Freelancer or Airtasker. Teaching. Writing. Recording. Collaborating. Streaming. Maintain your weekly Social Media Posts to your Pre-Cancellation Gig Guide Venue Pages throughout Lockdown. Pubs and Clubs have been your main source of income until Lockdown. Stay connected to your regular Pub Audiences. Now is the time to re-evaluate your Values, Vision, Mission, Business Plan. See how this experience can push you into a new creative perspective!! Catch up on all the things you haven’t had time for, use your down time wisely for your music business brand. Capitalise on this experience. Dig deep. You’ve got this!

3. Think outside the box – Reimagine Your Music Business Plan. Who the fuck are you as a Music Artist if you cannot perform live? Well, right now, you get to redesign who you are. Right now in lockdown, you have the time to discover your Brand. I’m not talking about a logo, a tagline, hashtags or your font or colour scheme. I’m talking about the true essence of you as a Music Artist. You get to tell your story on a digital stage.  When lockdown is over, what will your live show edge be? What gig opportunities can you leverage in a time when it will be unlikely for many International Artists to tour Australia? Uncover the reason why your live show will be booked over anyone else’s. Discover your Unique Selling Point. Not a bullshit one. Get real and be brave enough to truly unravel why you do what you do and what does that give to your audience and your market. Count it out. Calculate the metrics of your value. And create your post COVID show offer. The reason why live music shows in pubs, clubs, festivals and concert events finance the Global Music Market is because live music forms a valuable component in a marketing strategy. Live music brings the people to the venue. Live music connects people. Live music creates the magic. It doesn’t matter how many Facebook Lives you do unless your Music Brand is connected to its story, you won’t be able to create and recreate the magic in a real live setting.

4.  Connect to your Local Community You have time. Volunteer. Check in with your local neighbourhood. Offer to help your elderly neighbours. Support your local businesses. We are all in this together. Making a contribution to your local community has nothing to do with building your Music Brand. But it increases your capacity as a human being to look outside of yourself and see the world through different eyes. And THAT experience could develop into a great little resource in your Business Tool Kit. What do the people around you need? What do you do that can assist? Live Music Artists have had to be resourceful in order to survive hecklers and rowdy drunk crowds and overzealous security guards and corporate hospitality management regulations. So you have a ton of skills to share with your local Community.

Connect to your Local Community

5.  Tune Up – There is an overabundance of free courses online right now. You have time for a skill tune up. Explore new possibilities. Allow yourself this opportunity to see yourself in a different light. Allow yourself to reimagine yourself in a totally different ecosystem. Check out the links to free on line courses

6.  Enjoy this time – Think about it. At what other point in history has the entire world taken a holiday together. Catch up on all the things you have put off because you didn’t have time. Binge watch those shows. Read those books. Go on daily walks. Get to know your local neighbourhood. Take up photography. Cook. Garden. Clean out a cupboard. Marie Kondo the shit out of your house. Re organise. Re imagine. Recreate. You have time. Enjoy it.

Wherever this takes us, be prepared for change. With change comes opportunity. Stay vigilant in your own Self Care. Stay vigilant with your Finances. Refuse to take the blue pill. 

Be the light at the end of your own tunnel.

See you out the other side of this.

Be the Light at the end of your own Tunnel