Team Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct is specifically designed for the purposes of identifying all the requirements, obligations and details for the behavioral code expected of all Team Members of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.

Every person working in Pushworth office is a Team Member.

Team Member =

  • Directors – Partnered in Pushworth Project
  • Employees – employed by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP (Fulltime/ Part-time/Casual)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships – contracts employed by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP
  • Trainees/Interns/Work Experience/WIL Student Placements/Volunteers – unpaid service provided to THE PUSHWORTH GROUP

It has been said that the essence of a successful and visionary company is the ability to preserve its core values and to stimulate progress. Since THE PUSHWORTH GROUP was founded, we have done both. Technology innovation, national customer relationships, and organizational excellence have driven THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s success.

As such, Pushworth Code of Conduct recognizes that the unshakable foundation of our corporate integrity is the personal integrity of everyone. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s Code of Conduct is provided to all THE PUSHWORTH GROUP team members.

This THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Code of Conduct is provided to outline appropriate business conduct and the mechanisms available for addressing issues and questions. It is essential that you take time to read and understand it. Your dedication to these principles will enhance our corporate reputation for excellence and quality, and allow you to feel a sense of pride at the end of each day for what we have accomplished together.

Your Responsibility

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is a leader of the Entertainment industry in Australia. As such, we are committed to being an innovative, unique, world-class corporation. The only way to achieve this commitment is by providing a high standard of leadership, along with unquestionable integrity. Continued honest and ethical business conduct will earn THE PUSHWORTH GROUP the trust of customers, Artists, investors and fellow Team Members, while sustaining our long-term commitment to our shareholders.

The key to integrity lies with all of us. Everyone associated with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP has a responsibility to uphold this dedication to ethics daily. We all must:

  • Know and follow this conduct code.
  • Know and comply with the requirements and expectations that apply to our jobs.
  • Take responsibility for our own conduct.
  • Report possible Code of Conduct violations to appropriate management.
  • Cooperate with any investigation of a potential conduct code violation.

 Purpose of the Code and its Use

Why do we have a Code of Conduct?

Corporate ethics is the practice of our shared values. These shared values define who we are and what we can expect from each other. It is a code that applies to all THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Team Members who are expected to know and abide by the shared values outlined in Pushworth Code of Conduct.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP requires all team members to know and understand this Code.

This Code of Conduct is designed to define individual and corporate responsibility in alignment with Pushworth Values. You must understand that he or she is responsible for his or her own conduct. No one has the authority to make another Team Member violate THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s Code of Conduct, and any attempt to direct or otherwise influence someone else to commit a violation is a violation in itself. Alleged violations will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP requires all Team Members to know and understand the Code of Conduct.

Periodically, certain Team Members, supervisors and management will be required to certify that they have received and read Pushworth Code of Conduct and have communicated it to all Team Members and agents under their supervision. This certification will confirm that the person has complied with the Code, has communicated it to those under his or her supervision, and that he or she has no knowledge of any violation, which has not been appropriately reported.

Pushworth 7 Values

  1. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP holds itself accountable to add value to every customer and supplier and to its shareholders by
  2. minimizing expense and maximizing income opportunities by good stewardship.
  3. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP adds value to the Music Businesses of emerging Acts and reemerging idols.
  4. We are committed to continually improving all that we do, to strive for excellence and to achieve quality outcomes. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP prides itself on the development of systems, training, protocols and audit processes to enhance the operational aspects of all clients therefore increasing their potential for $. Accountability and Compliance. We are committed to sharing our information, ideas, skills and experiences so that we can develop our knowledge base and work smarter.
  5. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP shares networks with all clients – bringing people together – Building Relationship – Building Cultures – Building Careers. We value people and their differences. We strive to recognize staff contributions and encourage a healthy balance between our work and private lives. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP creates Opportunities in Performance, Marketing and Business for all stakeholders.
  6. We adopt a non-partisan approach to our work. We seek to exercise exemplary standards of ethics and integrity, and seek to achieve congruence between our words and deeds. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP has a direct Cultural Impact based on our Market Expertise. We practice collaborative leadership and engage in active consultation to foster greater participation in decision-making. We believe that effective communication promotes trust and understanding.
  7. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP practices good stewardship of all resources. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP educates all clients on the importance of Safety. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP supports and develops awareness programs for the Wellness of all clients through its Push The Earth and Sound Garden Project programs.

Client Registration Protocol

  • Client to complete the Registration Form
  • Enter all details into our Administration Management System
  • Obtain their written authority to facilitate and develop their Music Business Model with them.
  • Terms and Conditions are published www.The Pushworth
  • All Terms and Conditions are updated and advised to all contract parties annually.

Account Protocol

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP will forward all Invoices directly to the Customer upon signing of each Program Plan Agreement.

Payments will be made per event or per week as per the Program Plan Agreement.

A deposit of 50% will be paid within seven days of signing of each Program Plan Agreement for each event and program week.

The final payment will be made within seven days of the completion of each Program Event or Week.

Payment may be made within the agreed terms or a late fee of 1.5% per month (compoundable daily) will be attracted to any outstanding amounts owed as from date of Program Completed and which will be debited to your account. Payment will be made via Direct Deposit to the Designated Bank Account on your Invoices.

Credit facilities may only continue if payment is maintained in accordance with agreed trading terms. In the event of legal action eventuating, all legal fees incurred by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP during the process of legal action in recovery of the unpaid amount shall be borne by the Client in default. Legal fees include any costs and commissions payable to any recovery or commercial agent and all other expenses incurred by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP in the recovery of the amount.

Entertainment Industry Legislation

Because the laws and regulations that affect the production, administration and sale of Entertainment is quite broad and complex, each Team Member must be aware of laws and regulations that affect his or her specific responsibilities. For example, Team Members must know and comply with industry quality regulations and standards; comply with regulatory limitations on the promotion of products and services, and so on. Also, Entertainment laws require accurate and complete record keeping. It is each Team Member’s responsibility to understand and comply with these requirements as they apply to his or her specific job and to ensure that documentation is complete and accurate.

  • Accommodation and Hotel Industries Audit Of ANZSIC Codes 5710 and 5720
  • Actor’s Equity of Australia (Brisbane branch) Award and Contract Rate schedule
  • Actors Theatrical Award 1981 (Federal)
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission provisions
  • Australian Performing Rights Association Limited – regulations and license/fee schedule.
  • Australian Taxation Department –IT2542/IT 2129 – Reference: Hotel Entertainers + GST July 2000 Ruling.
  • Defamation Act 1889 (QLD)
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Environmental Protection legislation
  • Fair Trading Act 1989
  • Freedom of Information Act A192
  • Industry Relations
  • License, patent or copyright arrangements
  • Musicians Union of Australia (Brisbane branch) Award and Contract Rate schedule
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Privacy Act 1988 National Privacy Principles
  • Private Employment Agencies Act 1983 no. 40 (and amendments and regulations 1991/1992/2002)
  • The Queensland Private Employment Agents Association Code of Conduct
  • The Queensland Government Industrial Gazette – Musicians Awards – State
  • Trade Practices Act
  • Work Cover Qld 1996
  • Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995


You agree not to download music, film, images or content of any kind for your personal use

without written permission of Pushworth Administration Manager. Failure to comply will result in immediate disciplinary action.


  • You must exercise skill, care and diligence in the conduct of all transactions.
  • You must complete all work on behalf of the client as soon as is reasonably practicable.
  • You must act in the best interests of the client except where it would be unreasonable or improper to do so.
  • You must not induce or attempt to induce a breach of or an interference with a contract or booking.
  • You must not solicit or accept another agency booking which may obligate the client to pay two fees or expose the client to a claim for damages for breach of contract in the event of a booking taking place, unless the you give a prior written statement to the client that they may be liable to two fees or for a claim for damages for breach of contract if the client signs a further agency agreement.
  • You may act in conjunction with another agency if so authorized by the client.
  • You must act in accordance with the instructions of a client except where to do so would be unlawful
  • You must not:
    • Advertise or offer Programs or Services at a price or on terms different from that authorized;
    • You must act fairly and honestly in all transactions
    • You must not mislead or deceive any parties in negotiations or a transaction.
    • You must not engage in harsh or unconscionable conduct.
  • You or the person in effective or nominal control of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP must properly supervise the business and take reasonable steps to ensure that the team comply with the provisions of legislation, this code of conduct and other relevant statutes, rules and regulations where applicable to them.
  • If you fail to comply with the provisions of legislation, this code of conduct or other relevant statutes, rules or regulations where applicable then, you or the person in effective control of Pushworth business shall have the onus of proving that he or she complied with the requirements of that section.
  • Prior to the execution by the client of any contract, you must make all reasonable efforts to ascertain or verify the facts, which are material to that transaction which a prudent team member would have ascertained in order that you may avoid error, exaggeration or misrepresentation.
  • It is your duty to act in a professional manner and to ascertain all available pertinent facts concerning the service for which you accept on behalf of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP so that in providing the service you may avoid error, exaggeration or misrepresentation.
  • When you are given instructions to offer services, you shall take all reasonable steps to verify the information and administrative details.
  • When asked for advice concerning entertainment services, Team Members must never offer an unconsidered opinion. A Team Member’s counsel constitutes a professional service, which each Team Member should not render prior to conducting a full and proper investigation of all the relevant facts and circumstances. Each Team Member may, by prior arrangement with a client, make an appropriate professional charge for such advice.
  • Each Team Member must not demand, retain or receive a discount or rebate which relates to a service by any business or person, about a transaction or a service provided by you unless you have obtained the written consent of the client to the seeking or retaining of the discount or rebate by the Team Member.
  • Each Team Member must not demand, retain or receive a service fee for a service or transaction, which is greater than the amount agreed with the client.
  • If Every Team Member is entitled to seek reimbursement from a client of any expense which you have incurred, you shall promptly supply to the client all relevant information and material which the client may reasonably require as to the amount of the expense, and to be satisfied that the expense was properly incurred by the Team Member.
  • Each Team Member shall not seek or retain reimbursement of an expense, which has been incurred in respect of advertising, signboards, printed material, and promotions unless:
  • The client has agreed in writing to pay the expense; and
  • The agreement specifies a maximum amount, which you may seek or retain by way of reimbursement.
  • It is the duty of every Team Member to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation or unethical practices about all service provision.
  • No instructions or inducements from any client or customer will relieve any Team Member from the responsibility of strictly observing this code of conduct.
  • Each Team Member must make every effort to minimize disputes with customers and take every possible step to resolve complaints or disputes that do arise as expeditiously and as fairly as possible.
  • Each Team Member must ensure all communications regarding all disputes are in writing with each party receiving a copy.

Accountability for Job

Team Members must understand that the performance of their job directly affects the financial status of Customers and Artists, and that superior work is always expected. Each Team Member is responsible for knowing and executing the responsibilities of his or her job. This means that the individual is held accountable for the quality of the work he or she produces and for the accuracy and confidentiality of the applicable documentation. For example, this policy of personal accountability prohibits a Team Member from signing off on a process or product without properly performing or inspecting it, or from representing the work of another Team Member as his or her own or allowing another Team Member to do so.

Every action, reaction, transaction and pro action performed in THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is an investment in your job, your career, our company and our industry. Performance is based on achieving and surpassing those essentials.

The essentials for any business are the bottom line. A business cannot stay in business if it’s not exceeding its essentials, its costs for operations plus inflation and profit. Each department has a budget to this end. Our collective objective in THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is threefold:

  • The Minimizing of the cost of operations
  • The Generation and Maximization of more cash/capital
  • The long-term investment in the Global Music Industry

Advertising and Promotion

It is THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s policy to promote and market its products and services in a lawful and truthful manner. While it is natural to want to present each product and service in the best light, Team Members must be careful to offer a balanced, accurate, and legal representation of product capabilities and benefits. In addition to the laws outlined in the Fair Competition section, advertising and promotion of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP products and services are also subject to regulation. These regulations also require that we represent THE PUSHWORTH GROUP products and services in a manner consistent with the applicable market approvals. All information provided to customers must be accurate, complete, and legal.

Anti-Kickback, Bribery

In Australia, and in many other countries, it is illegal to provide, offer or accept a kickback or bribe. A kickback or bribe may be defined as any money, fee, commission, credit, gift, gratuity, thing of value, or compensation of any kind that is provided directly or indirectly, and that has as one of its purposes, the improper obtaining or rewarding of favorable treatment in a business transaction. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s policy on kickbacks and bribes is clear; they are illegal and are not allowed.

Business Courtesies and Gifts

In general, the giving or receiving of gifts and gratuities in return for the use or purchase of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP products or otherwise doing business with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is prohibited. However, gifts, gratuities, or courtesies of modest value that are part of ordinary business practice, such as free tickets, are usually acceptable. Useful tests for determining a gift’s inappropriateness are: 1) if the gift would create embarrassment or obligation for the giver or receiver, and 2) if the action could not stand up to public scrutiny. In receiving gifts, Team Members must ask themselves whether one purpose of a gift is intended to influence, or appear to influence, business decisions and would thereby compromise their ability to act in the best interests of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP. The same tests of integrity should be applied to avoid not only actual impropriety, but also the appearance of impropriety.

As a leader in the Entertainment industry, THE PUSHWORTH GROUP may have opportunities to further entertainment practice and knowledge of corporate products and services by providing seminar sponsorship, speaker honoraria, training events, and so on. Payments and reimbursements for such activities are being increasingly scrutinized and should be made only in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and entertainment/industry association guidelines, following review by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Directors.

You agree that all product, tickets and event invitations made available to you within THE PUSHWORTH GROUP remain the property of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP and as such cannot be used without their permission. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Resources including Artist Product, Promotional Tickets, Invitations and Passes taken from Pushworth office will be reported to authorities as theft. Immediate dismissal and charges will be incurred in this instance.

Business with Government Agencies

At times, governments not only regulate THE PUSHWORTH GROUP products and services, but also purchase them. Because government officials are obligated to follow specific codes of conduct and laws, special care must be taken in government procurement. Some key requirements for doing business with a government are:

Accurately representing which THE PUSHWORTH GROUP products and services are covered by government contracts.

Not offering or accepting kickbacks, bribes, gifts, gratuities or anything else of value with the intent of obtaining favorable treatment from the recipient (A gratuity or courtesy that is customary in the business sector may be perceived as a bribe by a government official.)

Not improperly soliciting or obtaining confidential information, such as sealed competitors’ bids, from government officials prior to the award of a contract.


Laws and regulations are ever-present in the entertainment industry, affecting virtually every functional area of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s business. Regardless of what job you do, there are legal, regulatory and ethical standards that must be considered and upheld.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP strives to be a good corporate citizen in every community where it conducts business and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. As individuals, Team Members must strive to be aware of and understand the national, state, and local laws as well as the business requirements and practices that affect their business unit and area of responsibility.

Disregard of the law cannot and will not be tolerated. Violation of domestic or foreign laws and regulations may subject an individual, as well as THE PUSHWORTH GROUP, to civil and/or criminal penalties. Team Members should be aware that conduct and records are subject to internal and/or external audits. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to know and comply with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s legal and ethical obligations.

Community Participation

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP believes in investing in the communities where it conducts business. Team Member and corporate participation in non-profit, charitable, educational, civic, cultural and service organizations is encouraged. Likewise, all Team Members are encouraged to invest themselves in the communities in which they live.

  • Annual Charity Event
  • Regular Speaking and Panel Engagements for Australian Music Associations
  • Regular Speaking and Panel Engagements for Australian Universities
  • Regular Sponsorship, Panel and Judging Engagements for Industry Events: Rock Awards, Karaoke, Band, Model and Artist Competitions
  • Internship and WIL Placement Partnerships with Australian Universities
  • Sponsorship and Pro Bono Projects with Not for Profit Organisations

 Conduct in the Workplace

  • Ethical personal conduct on the job means treating oneself and others with respect and fairness.
  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP encourages Team Members to:
    • Understand your own values.
    • Understand your own story that drives your behavior and perceptions.
    • Understand what drives your story and values and how this impacts on your perspective.
  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP encourages Team Members to see outside of the traditional VICTIM VILLAIN HERO game.
  • Workplace harassment is regarded by some as any unwelcome or unwanted attention or discriminatory conduct based on an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or any illegal or inappropriate basis. It can include other verbal, nonverbal, or physical abuse. This is something that can be considered harmless by one individual and may be perceived as harassment by another in accordance with their values, voids and perspective.
  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP expects all Team Members to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the workplace, and to conduct relationships with appropriate behavior, respect and integrity.
  • If you feel that workplace harassment has occurred, you need to report incidents as soon as possible to Pushworth Administration Manager. You will be required to participate in a full DEMARTINI METHOD process session regarding this harassment as supported and facilitated by the Administration Manager. Once you recognize your perspective, see the benefits and the drawbacks of this situation and appreciate it in its current form, then your complaint will be lodged if still required.
  • Everyone has the right to work in an environment that is respectful and supportive.
  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP expects all Team Members to report for work in condition to perform their duties, free from drugs or alcohol.
  • Weapons may not be carried into, stored on, or used in THE PUSHWORTH GROUP facilities.

Confidentiality Policy

  1. Except for authorised use during your employment, or otherwise, as required by law, you must not disclose to any person (including a corporation) during your employment or after your employment has ended, any confidential information that you have received or accessed in connection with your work with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.
  2. Confidential information includes:
    1. Technological products, ideas and concepts of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP or its divisions, related entities, clients, contractors or suppliers.
    2. Financial, business, product or strategic information of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP or its divisions, related entities, clients, contractors or suppliers.
    3. Terms of contracts or arrangements involving THE PUSHWORTH GROUP or any other party (including its divisions, related entities, clients, contractors, suppliers and team members).
    4. Research and development information.
    5. Business, marketing, strategic and other plans of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP for its business, products or services.
    6. Customer lists of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP its divisions, related entities, clients, contractors or suppliers.
    7. Related entities means any entity connected with the employer by an interest in a common economic enterprise and includes a Related Body Corporate as defined by the Corporations Act (Commonwealth).
    8. These obligations survive the termination of employment for not less than five years (or such shorter period as THE PUSHWORTH GROUP may at any time notify the Employee in writing) and further if the information can still reasonably be characterised as confidential information.
    9. In the event of a breach or threatened breach of this clause, THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is entitled to an injunction restraining the Employee from committing a breach without proving actual damage sustained by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.
    10. This clause does not apply to information which is generally known or available.
  3. Confidential information of which you become aware or generate in the course of your employment, is to be used solely for the purpose of performing your duties and should not be disclosed to third parties. On termination of employment:
    1. You must return to THE PUSHWORTH GROUP or delete or destroy as directed all THE PUSHWORTH GROUP property including all information that is the property of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP including but not limited to confidential information.
    2. Your rights and obligations regarding the disclosure of confidential information continue indefinitely.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists when a personal interest or activity of a Team Member influences or interferes with that Team Member’s performance of duties, responsibilities or loyalties to THE PUSHWORTH GROUP. All Team Members must avoid any personal or business influences or relationships that affect, or appear to affect, their ability to act in the best interests of the corporation. Some situations in which Team Members might encounter conflicts of interest are:

  • Consulting with or employment in any capacity by a competitor, Artist, or customer of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP
  • Selling or representing Entertainment products or services by someone other than THE PUSHWORTH GROUP
  • Owning, directly or indirectly, a significant financial interest in any business that does or seeks to do business with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP, or seeks to compete with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP. A significant financial interest is defined as a Team Member’s and family members’ combined interest that represents either, more than 1 percent of the outstanding securities of a corporation (or ownership interests if an unincorporated business), or more than 5 percent of the total assets of such a Team Member and family members.
  • The employment of family members or close personal friends as contractors, Artists or Team Members of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP
  • A romantic, intimate, or inappropriate relationship between a supervisor and subordinate
  • Using corporate assets, including company time, name, information, equipment or facilities, for personal use.

Consequences of Failure to comply with Code of Conduct

Any director or Team Member person covered by this Code of Conduct who breaches the Code or fails to notify a known breach of the Code will face disciplinary action.

Corporate Records

Company documents and records (in any form or media) are part of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s assets, and you are charged with maintaining their accuracy and safety. You are required to use excellent record-management skills by recording information accurately and honestly, and retaining records as long as necessary to meet business objectives and government regulations. As required and directed, you are obliged to diligently search their files for any requested records.

Financial records must accurately reflect all financial transactions of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP and its subsidiaries. No false, artificial, or misleading entries shall be made in the books and records of the company for any reason. Format and production documents must meet the internal and external requirements. Tasks must be maintained according to regulation and applicable confidentiality standards.

Dedication to Quality

Our business depends on the consistent delivery of quality products and services from THE PUSHWORTH GROUP. It is our responsibility to keep this in the forefront of our minds as we perform our duties each day. Superior quality is the key to our success, and anything less than our best is unacceptable.

Clients rely on the quality of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP products and services. All Team Members must constantly strive to understand the needs of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s internal and external customers, and demonstrate our commitment to excellence by delivering the highest quality products and services.


This Code of Conduct is a statement of certain fundamental principles, policies and procedures that govern actions in the conduct of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Group’ business. It is not intended to, and does not create any rights in any Team Member, client, customer, Artist, competitor, security holder or any other person or entity.


THE PUSHWORTH GROUP respects and welcomes diversity in its Team Members, Customers, Artists, and others in the global marketplace. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is committed to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, entertainment condition or disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

Drug and Alcohol

Team Members are not permitted to:

  • Use or possess illegal drugs at any Company work site;
  • Attend work suffering from the effects of drug use, alcohol or illegal substances; or
  • Consume alcohol at work unless authorized by the Manager.
  • Managers and Supervisors have a responsibility to direct any Team Member at work under the influence or reasonably suspected of being under the influence of drugs and alcohol away from the workplace and to report any such incidents to Human Resources.

Email and Internet Use 

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP provides email and Internet access for use in our office as a business tool.

  • You are welcome to use the internet for personal use limited to your own time (lunch break or before or after hours)
  • Your personal email accounts are for your own personal use in your personal time.
  • For security and maintenance reasons, you are prohibited from downloading any programs from the internet for any reason. If there is a program you need for your work, please advise accordingly and we will research the best option for our professional use.
  • No use of Social Media for Personal Business during Working Hours
  • No Joke Emails to be sent or received to Pushworth Email Server
  • Internet Usage is Restricted to Research and Enterprise Purposes Only

Intellectual Property

  1. Inventions, designs and other works by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP in the course of the employment (whether alone or with others) entirely vest in THE PUSHWORTH GROUP upon creation.
  2. The Employee presently assigns to THE PUSHWORTH GROUP all existing in future rights in all intellectual property without restrictions in perpetuity and without claim to payment by way of royalty or otherwise.
  3. The Employee agrees to promptly do all things necessary to give effect to such assignment, and otherwise as reasonably required by the Employer to recognise its rights in the intellectual property.
  4. To the extent permitted by the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth), the Employee waives existing and further Moral Rights in his/her Works made in the course of the Employee’s employment and consents to THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s (and persons authorised by it) acts or omissions concerning the works.


THE PUSHWORTH GROUP values all resources used in the enterprise of our service. The most important resource in our organization is YOU. In the seven areas of life, the things you like and don’t like will dictate how you live and work. These are your values.

  • The alignment or your values to this industry, our company and your job is fundamental in your recruitment with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.
  • You agree to undergo THE PUSHWORTH GROUP training in accordance with Pushworth Work protocols and policies.
  • You agree to undergo yearly updated Training and Policy revision.
  • You agree to participate in and provide THE PUSHWORTH GROUP with an annual Team Department Business Plan in line with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Strategic and Operation Annual Plans by 30 June each year.
  • You agree to work towards Pushworth Benchmark for your department as advised by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.
  • You agree to participate in a monthly evaluation process for your position in accordance with Pushworth Benchmark.
  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP will provide you with regular feedback and update operational reports.

In the case of personal issues within the team, you agree to use the Personal Development tools provided to assist you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible to minimize interruption to work operations. This is to be done in your own personal time. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is happy to discuss the results of this work with you in your own time.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP values you as a team member and as such recognizes the need to manage team motivation. You agree to where required, undergo regular Personal and Professional evaluation processes to maintain the highest standard of development, growth and integrity in the Human Resource for organization.


It is THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s policy to minimize its adverse impact on the environment. It is the responsible of each Team Member to observe and preserve Pushworth Push the Earth, Resource Management Annual Plans, OHS and Health Policies while working at a THE PUSHWORTH GROUP office or representing THE PUSHWORTH GROUP at an Official or Unofficial event.

Compliance with legal requirements is only a minimal standard, and the corporation is committed to exceeding regulatory standards where appropriate. All Team Members are expected to be alert to environmental issues and share in the commitment to conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and minimize any impact to the air, water, and land.

Fair Competition

Throughout the world, fair competition laws have been designed to ensure that a person who purchases goods and services in the marketplace is able to select from a variety of products at competitive prices, unrestricted by improper constraints, such as price fixing, illegal monopolies and tie-ins.

It is THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s policy to adhere strictly to all applicable fair competition laws in its operations. While antitrust and fair competition laws can be highly technical and may vary from state to state, the following principles provide a useful summary of when Team Members might encounter antitrust-related situations.

In general, discussions of pricing, bids, discounts, promotions, profits, costs, terms or conditions of sale, royalties, warranties, production plans or inventories with competitors are prohibited. Agreements with competitors to allocate customers, divide territories or limit production or innovation are also strictly prohibited. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP determines prices and terms of sale for its products and services independently, and any exchange of information with competitors that may cast doubt upon that fact must be avoided. Such sharing of information can be construed as an attempt to limit competition regardless of whether the discussions relate to THE PUSHWORTH GROUP or the competition’s products, or how innocent or casual the exchange may be.

If a PUSHWORTH Team Member encounters formal or informal discussions of pricing, terms of sale (or other terms that relate to the sale of goods), refusal to sell to a customer or other prohibited topics at a Trade Association meeting, and he or she should leave immediately and bring the matter to the attention of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Directors.

In general, companies are not allowed to discriminate in favor of, or against, any of their customers. THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is free to select its own customers; however, terminations and refusals to sell or book can lead to real or claimed antitrust violations.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP policy prohibits making purchases from an Artist dependent on the Artist’s agreement to purchase from THE PUSHWORTH GROUP. Such purchases could violate the antitrust laws if the Artist is coerced into making the purchase as a condition of acquiring or maintaining the account.

Unfair methods of competition and deceptive acts or practices are prohibited. Examples of these include false or deceptive statements or comparisons about THE PUSHWORTH GROUP products and services, falsely disparaging a competitor or its products, making product claims without data to another, such as by simulating a competitor’s trademarks.

Under certain situations, it may be unlawful for THE PUSHWORTH GROUP to require a purchaser to buy another product or service, as a condition to being able to purchase the product the customer wants.


THE PUSHWORTH GROUP believes that the free exchange of information promotes performance, teamwork, and innovation, and THE PUSHWORTH GROUP encourages all levels of Team Members to maintain open communications.

Team Members are expected to pass along their feedback, suggestions, and concerns via Pushworth Development Program suite of forms.

A Team Member’s most direct source of information exchange are The Policies, Codes and Training Manuals.

All Team Members will receive regular email Training and Work Practice update notices plus schedule, leave, trading and operational news on a regular basis.

It is expected that Team Members will make use of these resources to ensure awareness of corporate activities, issues, or concerns as they pertain to Team Members personally or to business operations.


You agree to abide by Pushworth Work Protocols (Annual Upgradable) for details of the following:




You agree to abide by Pushworth Policies (Annual Upgradable) for details of the following:


Insider Trading

Team Members are prohibited from disclosing confidential information to someone outside the corporation.

Annually THE PUSHWORTH GROUP will release Strategic, Operational, Enterprise Development, Resource, Marketing and Sales Plans. Such material information includes potential acquisitions, earnings, new products or discoveries, product approvals, major management changes, upcoming litigation or regulatory proceedings, and joint ventures. This information is considered material because it is information that an investor would consider important in deciding whether to buy, sell or hold THE PUSHWORTH GROUP stock or stock of its competitors. At the appropriate time, such announcements are made through a public means, such as a news release, to ensure that the information is made available to all members of the investing community on an equal basis.

Prior to a public announcement, some Team Members may have knowledge of confidential or “inside” information about its business or the business of its clients – Promoters or Artists. Team Members must exercise the utmost care in handling such material inside information to avoid legal and ethical violations.

Such “tips” may result in friends, relatives or others trading on the basis of inside information, which is also prohibited by securities laws. Violators of securities laws are subject to severe civil and criminal punishments. Severe penalties may even apply where the disclosing person did not engage in the transaction or personally benefit from the trading.


Corporate integrity is at the foundation of our business conduct code. By maintaining the highest level of corporate integrity through open, honest, and fair dealings, we earn trust for our products and services from everyone with whom we come in contact.

Intellectual Property

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets – all are considered intellectual property – are valuable corporate assets, and you agree to protect them. This obligation continues even if when you leave the services of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP for any reason.

Team Members, who produce concepts and ideas in the course of their work for THE PUSHWORTH GROUP, are obligated to assign ownership of them to the corporation. Such Team Members are required to prepare and maintain contemporaneous records, to submit technical details of the concept or idea to the corporation, and to maintain them as trade secrets or to assist in the patent process, as decided by THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP will respect the intellectual property of others, and THE PUSHWORTH GROUP will not knowingly infringe valid patents held by others. If any Team Member believes that another company is infringing a THE PUSHWORTH GROUP patent, or that THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is infringing the valid patent of another, that Team Member must promptly contact the Managing Director.

Investor and Media Relations

It is THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s policy to provide open, accurate, and consistent communication with the public. To maintain the consistency and accuracy of the information, corporate spokespersons are designated to respond to all inquiries. Only these spokespersons are authorized to release information to the public at the appropriate time. Except for designated spokespersons, no Team Member should respond to inquiries from the press or investors. All inquiries from the media or investors should be forwarded immediately to the directors of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.

Legal Compliance

It is THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s policy to adhere strictly to all applicable fair competition laws in its operations.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s success in the marketplace depends on each individual knowing and adhering to the legal and regulatory requirements that affect his or her job and geography. Operating within legal guidelines and cooperating with local, national and international authorities are at the heart of our business conduct code. Legal compliance is the starting point. Meeting our legal obligations and cooperating with local, national and international authorities lays a solid foundation for the corporate values – legal and compliance obligations, integrity, respect for people, a dedication to quality and stewardship of our communities – that define us as a company.

 Guidelines for THE PUSHWORTH GROUP office

Office Dress: Smart Casual, Clean and Tidy

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Events Dress: Co-coordinating Industry nights, judging THE PUSHWORTH GROUP sponsored events, stage managing THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Produced Festivals and Events and tour managing artists, Team Members and consultants must wear Pushworth T Shirt.

The Administration Manager may send a Team Member home to change if she considers the Team Member’s dress is unsuitable for work. People sent home for this reason are not paid for the period of time they are absent from work.

Personal Work Areas: At the end of the day, all paperwork filed away, wipe clean – desk, PC keyboard, screen telephone receiver and handsets, bins emptied and tidy desk items.

Office to be vacuumed, dusted, polished, tidied, repaired, maintained daily.

Conduct of Personal Business in THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Office Hours

We have limited time to achieve our work objective.

Limit Personal Calls during WORK TIME. Use your OWN TIME.

Local Calls are acceptable from our office BEFORE or AFTER WORK TIME.

STD, Mobile and International Calls for Personal Use on Pushworth Office Phone is NOT permitted.

Do not conduct your personal business in our office or in our work time.

That includes e-mails, Internet use, phone calls or use of our photocopier.

Personal Presentation Standards

High standards of personal presentation are practiced with consideration of:

Work location, Health and safety issues, Impact on different types of customers
and specific presentation requirements for particular work functions.

Professional Organizations

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP believes strongly in the stewardship of the industry, and encourages corporate and individual participation in professional organizations and societies. By encouraging Team Members to share their skills and expertise with such groups, the corporation seeks to invest in the success of the Entertainment industry and in the professional growth of the individual. We are members of these professional organizations:

  • Australian Artist Managers Association
  • Australian Entertainment Industry Association
  • Q Music
  • Create Australia
  • MEA Meetings and Events Australia
  • Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce
  • Spirituality, Leadership and Management Network Australia


  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Logo is on your desktop
  • Your Home Page is Pushworth Website
  • No screen savers on your PC (This takes up space and affects speed of applications)
  • Install your official THE PUSHWORTH GROUP Signature on your Outgoing Emails
  • No other websites or email addresses other than THE PUSHWORTH GROUP can be added to your signature.
  • The preservation of our Branding is CRITICAL in all THE PUSHWORTH GROUP communications.

Reputation and Image

  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s reputation and identity are among our most valuable assets.
  • As part of your work with THE PUSHWORTH GROUP you will be introduced to relationships, alliances, partnerships, confidential information and intellectual property.
  • THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is part of the largest Music, Entertainment and Hospitality Industry network in Australia.
  • As part of Pushworth team, the value of this network will be added to your reputation value in the industry in every format and area.

As part of keeping and furthering the corporate image locally and around the world, THE PUSHWORTH GROUP believes in conducting business legally, morally and ethically, and in sharing the success that business brings. All Team Members, particularly those in management, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the company’s image and identity, both internal and external. No one should act in a way, or make any statement in any media, including Internet chat rooms and our internal electronic media, that adversely affects the reputation or image of the company with Team Members, customers or the community at large.

 Respect for People

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP is dedicated to dignity and respect for the lives of all our clients, and we owe nothing less to each other. This high level of respect for one another enters into every aspect of our dealings with colleagues and those we come into contact with in each working day, and reflects greatly on how our corporate culture is perceived.

 Smoke-Free Policy

Smoking is prohibited in the workplace. Team Members must comply with the non-smoking policy applicable in each work location. Team Members may only smoke in the designated areas and at designated times.


Team Members must use approved software at work.

Team Members may not duplicate Company software (other than for backup and archival purposes) for business or personal use. This includes proprietary or internally developed software.

The policy applies to Team Members at all locations.

Breach of this policy may expose the Company to prosecution and severe penalties under copyright law.

Team Member Privacy

You have the right to confidentiality of certain employment records as well as the privacy of personal activities outside of business hours. In turn, THE PUSHWORTH GROUP has rights of access to all organization property, including computers, and all communications, electronic mail and voice-mail messages, records, and information created in the business setting. By using company property, including computers, or creating such records and information, the Team Member grants consent to THE PUSHWORTH GROUP for such access.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP emphasizes the need for balance between work, personal, and family life, and encourages Team Members to pursue interests and activities outside the workplace. Personal interests and beliefs, however, must not be imposed on other Team Members or upon the corporation. Personal statements, for example on the Internet, must not appear to represent the views of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP encourages Team Members to become involved in political activities of their choice. However, activities should not interfere with the Team Member’s ability to perform on the job and should not imply participation or endorsement on the part of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP.

Unauthorized Use of Corporate Assets and Resources

You are obligated to protect the assets and resources of THE PUSHWORTH GROUP. Corporate property, such as office supplies, production equipment, artist product, artist promotion, Audio or Video digital files or CD, DVD or videos, books, magazines, posters, photographs, manuals, discs, contact databases, booking registers, furniture, utensils, software, hardware, product, tickets, event invitations, VIP Passes and buildings may not be used for personal reasons.  Immediate dismissal and charges will be incurred in this instance. Any misuse or misappropriation of corporate funds, information, equipment, facilities or other assets may be considered criminal behaviour and can bring severe consequences. Expenses may not be charged to the corporation unless they are for THE PUSHWORTH GROUP business purposes and are authorised by the Directors. Also, corporate computers may not be used to access inappropriate Internet sites or to obtain or store unauthorized software (i.e. pirated or unlicensed).

Workplace Health and Safety

THE PUSHWORTH GROUP seeks to provide each Team Member with a clean, safe environment in which to work. To achieve that goal, all Team Members must understand the shared responsibilities of abiding by all safety rules and practices by reading and acting under the terms and conditions of Pushworth OHS Policy, taking the necessary precautions to protect oneself and co-workers, and reporting immediately any unsafe conditions, practices or accidents.

Code of Conduct Summary

This publication outlines the high expectations THE PUSHWORTH GROUP has for its Team Members, contractors, consultants, board members, distributors and agents. Every one of these individuals must understand the principles of business integrity presented in this Code and weave them into the fabric of his or her daily conduct. If any question arises about a business conduct situation, seek the advice of supervisors and other corporate resources as soon as possible and use good judgment to determine what is right. The results will give us pride in ourselves, earn respect and trust in the marketplace and strengthen THE PUSHWORTH GROUP’s mission of being an innovative, world-class organisation.

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