The Artist Code

This page provides all the information that is required for an Artist to know about a Performance Booking given to them by Pushworth. Please stay connected to your Pushworth Booker for all enquiries.

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  1. The Gig Governing Regulations
    1. For each performance, the Entertainment Buyer provides a specific and clear Brief about the type of Artist, Music, Performance and Performance Detail required.
    1. All Artists are approved by each Buyer after Pushworth submissions in accordance with the Brief provided.
    2. These submissions will include the marketing material as provided by the Artist.
    3. The Buyer exerts no control over the artistic content of an Artist’s performances other than a repertoire style requirement designed specifically to satisfy the audience OR to build an audience culture.
    4. All performers must maintain a “general audiences” rating for their performance. Artists are asked to respect Venue staff, as well as the neighbours surrounding Venue site upon Gig Installation.
    5. All Promoters are issued contracts featuring these Terms. Pushworth is not legally a party to the contract and cannot legally enforce the Buyer’s compliance for these terms.
    6. The Performance Booking is made UNDER these Terms and Conditions which the Promoter agrees to by executing the contract.
  1. Buyer Obligations
    1. The Buyer agrees to obtain all necessary permits and consents from any relevant authority to the conducting of the engagement contracted hereunder and all matters incidental hereto and to comply with all conditions imposed in connection with the granting of any such permits and consents.
    2. Where normal power supplies are not available, the Buyer shall provide a safe, properly supervised generated system operated by qualified persons.
    3. The Buyer shall also indemnify the Artist for any loss, damage or injury arising through any malfunction thereof.
    4. One representative for the Buyer will be the Primary Contact and will be legally responsible for the Authorisation, Payment, Induction, Debrief, Compliance and Feedback for each Artist that is booked for a performance facilitated by Pushworth.
    5. This representative will be referred to as VENUE in these Guidelines.
    6. The Venue shall be responsible for satisfying the demands of APRA in relation to any royalties, which may be claimed by that body for the music to be used at the Performance’s).
    7. The Venue agrees to provide its own Public Liability Insurance Cover.
    8. The Venue agrees to provide a safe and properly supervised stage area at all times.
    9. The Venue has the right to cancel the performance if the line-up change isn’t to their satisfaction.
    10. The Venue has the right to cancel or suspend payment for a performance if the Artist has been substituted without the consent of Pushworth.
    11. The Venue agrees to promote each performance by using the Publicity material provided by Pushworth to publish on their website, local media and In House Posters, Flyers, Newsletters.
    12. The Venue agrees to provide up to date information about the performance area by completing the Pushworth paperwork to ensure that the information supplied to the Artist is current so that they may prepare for the performance.
    13. If a performance facilitated by Pushworth is delayed, interrupted or prevented by reason of an act of nature, fire, flood, war, public disaster, strikes, labour difficulties, governmental enactment, regulation or order, certified illness, or any other cause beyond The Artist’s control, The Venue will not be liable for any loss of revenue or expenses incurred.
    14. The Venue agrees to adhere to the policies, procedures and safety guidelines as set forth by each Pushworth facilitated performance.
  1. Pushworth Artist Standard
    1. Pitch usUse this Template
    2. Be Assessed at a live Pushworth #Music Means Business event
    3. Maintain Value of your Cover Gig Repertoire
    4. Add four new songs each month at the very least
    5. Provide Song List in Word listed in Artist Order to Pushworth every Quarter
    6. Maintain a high level in Gig Production
    7. Provide Break Music that contrasts and complements sets
    8. Provide Professional Production and Lighting and be able to manage technical challenges
    9. Be OHS Compliant with Public Liability Certificate of Currency $10Million
    10. Tag and Test Lead Certificate – 6 monthly
    11. SWMS
    12. Act OHS officer responsible for site induction and management at all gigs
    13. Be focused on marketing: Produce a Digital Poster for every Public Performance
    14. Tag the Venue and Pushworth in every Social Media Gig Post
    15. Use the Venue Hashtags in every Social Media Gig Post
    16. Provide High Resolution Professional Photo to Pushworth for Gig Marketing
    17. Brand the act professionally – Live Appearance, Stage Backdrops or Banners, Artwork, and Social Media engagement.
    18. Demonstrate Business Competence: Be able to issue ATO compliant Invoices
    19. Have a system to track Invoices and Remittance
    20. Open all emails and read all contracts and ensure you understand all details
    21. Contact us in writing to notify all changes to your account ESPECIALLY your GST Status
  1. Artist Performance Obligation
    1. One representative for each band will be the Primary Contact and will be legally responsible for the Authorization, Management, Induction, Debrief, Compliance and Feedback for each individual band member and crew that accompanies the band onstage or backstage at every performance facilitated by Pushworth.
    2. This representative will be referred to as THE ARTIST in this Code.
    3. The Artist agrees to be responsible for their own authority, employment and services contracts and payments related to their performers and crew.
    4. The Artist agrees that they are Sub Contractors responsible for their own Taxation, Superannuation and Public Liability Insurance.
    5. The Artist agrees that every performer and crew is at least 18 years of age, has read and understand this code of conduct, and is competent to execute this agreement on behalf of the band.
    6. The Artist agrees to obtain all necessary permits and consents from any relevant authority to the conducting of the engagement contracted hereunder and all matters incidental hereto and to comply with all conditions imposed in connection with the granting of any such permits and consents.
    7. The Artist agrees that the line-up marketed to Pushworth is the same line-up that performs at the gig.
    8. Changes in line-up MUST be notified to Pushworth prior to the performance. Pushworth will advise the Venue. The venue has the right to cancel the performance if the line-up change isn’t to their satisfaction.
    9. The Artist acknowledges that they cannot sub contract any Pushworth performance contract to another performer.
    10. Should an Artist not be able to honour a contract they are obligated to contact Pushworth as soon as they know they are unable to do the gig as contracted. Pushworth will then replace the Artist and charge them the full booking fee unless otherwise stated in writing.
    11. The Artist agrees to meet with the Duty Manager 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO START TIME for each Individual Event.
    12. The Artist agrees to produce specific Party Break music to ensure that the atmosphere continues even BEFORE DURING AND AFTER the stage performance.
    13. Other than drummers or keyboard players or guitarists playing pedal boards it is not acceptable for artists to be seated on stools or chairs.
    14. No music stands on stage to hold books to read lyrics. A discreetly placed Music Stand holding an iPAD is acceptable.
    15. The Artist agrees to observe a Dress code in accordance with the rules of the venue and dress like a paid entertainer and not like a punter.
    16. The Artist agrees to indemnify Pushworth for any loss or expense incurred by Pushworth arising out of the cancellation or non-performance of a Performance. In such case, the Artist shall be liable to pay Pushworth the booking fee as specific in the schedule.
    17. The Artist agrees that if offered a gig at a competitor venue, to check first before accepting the gig if there is going to be a conflict of interest.
    18. The Artist agrees to provide Professional Publicity material for Pushworth to publish on their website. This Publicity Material must contain the Song list, High Resolution Professional Publicity Standard Photos, Social Media Links, Sound Cloud Audio Links, You Tube Video Links, References and Equipment lists that are true representations of the Artist.
    19. The Artist agrees to email updated Song list, High Resolution Professional Publicity Standard Photos, Social Media Links, Sound Cloud Audio Links, You Tube Video Links, References and Equipment lists to Pushworth every quarter to ensure the information supplied to Venue/Promoters on behalf of the Artist is current.
    20. The Venue reserves the right to remove any band, suspend payment for or cancel any/all performances that does not abide by this Code. In this instance of breach, the Artist agrees to pay the full Booking Fee to Pushworth as part of the indemnity.
  1. Gig Paperwork
    1. We will issue you with paperwork for every performance that you book.
    1. Paperwork will be sent to the registered email address.
    2. Should you not receive paperwork in 48 hours contact your booker to confirm your email address.
    3. Ensure you notify Pushworth whenever you change your email address.
    4. Contract
    5. Invoice
    6. Remittance
    7. Statement
    8. Make sure you open the email and read the document.
    9. It is your responsibility to understand the document.
    10. If there is incorrect information in the document, it is your responsibility to contact your Booker to notify them immediately so the changes can be made.
    11. If you do not read the document and you execute the Gig as contracted, then you accept liability.
  1. Official Gig Time
    1. Each Performance will operate on the time set by the Venue/Promoter.
    2. Please ensure your Duty Manager is on correct time to synchronize with the Artist upon arrival to ensure you maintain official time.
    3. All staff, artists, and technicians will set their time-telling devices to Official Gig Time, as well as clocks at the FOH tables at each stage set to OGT.
    4. Performances begin strictly on time. In any dispute over performance start/end time, we shall defer to OGT.
  1. Performance Times
    1. Performance Times will be noted on each Contract.
    2. Venues WILL email all Starting/Finishing Time changes in Performance Times to their booker to ensure that the changes are provided to all Artists.
    3. Artists agree to check in with the Venue Manager prior to the Performance Starting time to confirm times, set and break lengths.
  1. Schedule Changes
    1. All artists are expected to be present for all scheduled performances.
    2. The Venue reserves the right to cancel a performance if:
      1. Performance conditions are deemed unsafe or untenable due to inclement weather
      2. A performer does not show up on time for his or her performance
      3. In the event of a Force Majeure/Act of God (eg. fire, flood, earthquake, destruction of property, labor disputes, etc.)
  1. Upon Arrival At Gig by Artist
    1. Artist meets with Duty Manager
    2. Artist presents Photo ID to confirm identity of Booked Act
    3. Artist does Safety Induction with Duty Manager
    4. Artist is set up and sound checked no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance unless otherwise noted in the Contract.
    5. Artist is briefed by Duty Manager
      1. Promotions for Artist to Do Live on Stage
      2. OHS
      3. Schedule Changes
      4. Announcements to be Made from Stage
  1. Complaint Policy
    1. It is the duty of the Venue (or assigned employees and agents) to be present on site to view all performances or Entertainment service provision.
    2. Should the Venue wish to terminate the performance due to a perceived default in standard of performance or service provision, they must do so within the first 20 minutes of performance or service provision.
    3. A Client Complaint Report form must be completed and returned to Pushworth within 48 hours. This will be evaluated by the Artist who has the right to defend their performance with a written response.
    4. Both parties are to provide 2 unrelated witnesses to provide evidence to support their claim.
    5. The Pushworth Group has represented the Artist with the material as supplied by them and as such shall not be liable for any cost, losses, damages or other expenses suffered by the Venue or any other third party in respect of such default.
  1. Load in Load Out
    1. Standard Load in is two hours Prior to Performance.
    2. Set Up is 60 minutes Prior to Performance
    3. Sound Check is Line Check Only
    4. Load out is immediately after Performance
    5. Please check with your Performance Contract for specific Installation times.
  1. Expectations
    1. All parties are to treat staff, volunteers, and patrons with respect, and vice-versa.
    2. There is zero tolerance for physical and/or sexual abuse or harassment. Infractions will result in immediate expulsion from the Venue.
    3. Verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
    4. Artists are expected to arrive at their performance on time.
    5. Artists arriving late may have their performance cancelled.
    6. Consumption of illegal drugs onstage and backstage is strictly prohibited.
    7. We encourage artists to drink responsibly.
  1. Gig Cancellations by Artist
    1. Once you accept a Performance Date, paperwork will be issued to you.
    2. Once we issue paperwork, and you cancel, charge MUST be made to cover that cost.
    3. Venues and Promoters are very clear about advertising for an artist and having that artist perform as promised.
    4. To this end it is important that you only accept gigs that you can actually perform at.
    5. In the event of ongoing cancellations, new submissions for your act may not be considered.
    6. In the event of a last minute emergency, call ON CALL phone immediately so we can replace you.
    7. You need to provide a written reason for your cancellation as this is forwarded onto the venue and promoter. If they have advertised you in this gig and incurred costs, they may pass those costs onto you as the defaulting party. We will pass this onto you on their behalf. Therefore we strongly advise you to ensure that you honour all performance commitments and ensure you manage your gig calendar in a professional manner.
    8. If you ARE cancelling a gig in advance and you call your booker to notify, the gig will NOT be cancelled until you send notice in writing to confirm it. The booker will only cancel your gig out of our system once they receive an email. You will then be sent a Cancellation Notice. Please contact the booker if you do not receive a Cancellation Notice within 7 days of the cancellation. It is your obligation to ensure the performance is cancelled and replaced.
    9. You will be contacted by the booker in the week before the performance to confirm it.
    10. Without notification in writing, the contract remains in force making you, the Artist, liable to deliver the full value of the performance fee.
    11. All cancellations will be charged the full booking fee.
  1. Public Safety Requirements
    1. The Venue will provide all necessary hardware/materials to ensure safe and efficient set-up of the Stage and Performance Area.
    2. The Venue will engage security guards to ensure that no patrons practice unsafe behaviour e.g. climbing onto the stage, throwing bottles at the stage or unsafe dancing etc.
    3. The Venue staff will not permit practices which they deem unsafe.
    4. Absolutely no pyrotechnics or flammable liquids are allowed on stage.
    5. There are no open flames or burning allowed on stage.
    6. Venue/Promoters reserve the right to intervene at their discretion to halt unsafe practices during your performance.
    7. The Venue will be responsible for claims made against them for personal injury or property damage.
    8. The Venue is responsible to arrange for the Duty Manager to meet the Artist 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO START TIME for Site Induction and OHS Brief before every show.
    10. The Artist will provide a SAFE WORK METHOD STATEMENT.
    11. The Artist will provide a TAGGED AND TESTED LEADS IN THE PAST SIX MONTHS – a report from an electrician
    12. The Venue is responsible to take reasonable care to ensure health and safety protocols for band members and audience members and venue staff are adhered to.
    13. The Artist will ensure that their behaviour towards all Staff at every Performance is conducted within the guidelines of OHS especially in terms of potential sexual harassment policy breaches.
  1. Drugs
    1. The use of illicit drugs on site, or in any Venue/Performance Area, will not be tolerated and will result in the expulsion from the performance.
  2. Door Deal
    1. Where the fee to be paid to the Artist is in any way related with the amount of door or bar takings of the function at which the Artist is performing, then the Venue agrees that the Artist, his Manager or nominees shall be entitled to station a representative at the entrance’s) or Bar’s) and furthermore that no ticket or drink shall be given away or sold, at other than the advertised price without the consent of the Artist.
  3. Footage of Live Shows
    1. Members of the media or individual artists involved with the production may request permission to photograph or film the Artist performance
    2. The Artist gives consent that a Pushworth authorized or Venue authorized photographer has the right to take photographs, videotape, or digital recordings of the band at every performance booked by Pushworth and to use these in any and all media, now or hereafter known, and exclusively for the purpose of marketing.
    3. The Artist further consents that Venue name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary.
    4. The Artist does hereby release to PUSHWORTH its agents, and employees all rights to exhibit this work in print and electronic form publicly or privately and to market and sell copies.
    5. The Artist waives any rights, claims, or interest to control the use of the Artist identity or likeness in whatever media used at Performances facilitated by Pushworth where a Pushworth authorized photographer or Media is filming the performance.
    6. The Artist also understands that PUSHWORTH is not responsible for any expense or liability incurred as a result of the venue’s participation in this recording, including medical expenses due to any sickness or injury incurred as a result
  1. Dressing Room
    1. The Venue will provide dressing rooms for Artist and his musicians and all appropriate facilities during the term of the engagement here under if specifically notified.
    2. If this is provided, it should be comfortable, private, well lit, equipped with private facilities, and contain chairs, full-length mirror, hanging rack for clothing and a door which locks.
  1. Gear Access
    1. The Venue shall provide equipment access to the Venue for the Artist
    2. The Venue shall further provide adequate time and access to the venue for the Artist to remove his equipment.
    3. The Artist crews should be allowed reasonable access to mains power supply outlets and reasonable access to the venue to remove the equipment after performance.
  1. In House Production
    1. Where any equipment including but not limited to public address systems, lighting, amplifiers or instruments are provided by the Venue, the same shall be of proper quality and in good working order.
  2. Lost and Stolen Property
    1. The Venue is not responsible for any items belonging to artists that have been lost or stolen.
    2. The Venue does not assume any liability for any damage, theft, or other loss to your equipment or personal belongings that occurs as a result of performance onstage or storage backstage.
  1. Smoking
    1. In accordance with City bylaws, smoking is not permitted onstage or backstage.
  1. Animals
    1. Animals are not permitted onstage or backstage.
  1. Food
    1. No food or beverages (with the exception of water) are permitted onstage.
    2. Drinks may be consumed backstage and disposal of cans and bottles into the provided bin.
    3. Food can only be consumed at the official Green Room (if provided).
    4. If you have specific dietary needs or suffer from allergies, it is your responsibility to provide your own meal/snacks.
  1. Hospitality Rider per Performer
    1. No Alcohol to be provided to Artists unless a Hospitality Rider has been agreed to and signed by the Promoter
    2. All artists are entitled to soft drink or water.
  1. Production
    1. Unless otherwise arranged all acts should provide appropriate PA & lights.
    2. PA should be appropriate to venue capacity & the minimum lights required are 2 x pars 56 or equivalent for solo/duos & 4 x pars 56 or equivalent for bands.
    3. All electrical leads must be tagged & tested every 6 months.
    4. Smoke/Haze machines are not permitted to be used in the venue.
  1. Payments to Artists – Buyer Pays Pushworth on Behalf
    1. If the payment will be made to Pushworth on your behalf, email your Tax Invoice noting the Nett Amount shown on the Contract
    2. Any Booking Fees owing will be deducted automatically from the Performance Fee and the NETT will be disbursed to you via Direct Deposit to the bank account that you provided at Registration.
  1. Payments to Artists – Buyer Pays You Directly
    1. If the payment will be made directly to YOU from the Promoter to be collected directly after your performance, you will need to present or email your Tax Invoice for the gross amount shown on the Contract, to the Promoter. Pushworth will issue you with a Booking Fee Invoice in the following Business Week.
    2. Pay your booking fee within seven days and email your remittance
    3. If you do not pay your booking fee within 7 days, it will be automatically be deducted from your next Disbursement of a Gig Paid Via Pushworth.
    4. If you do not pay your booking fee within 30 days, and there is no future gig with Pushworth, you will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach.
  1. Accounts Receivable Protocol
    1. Invoices are issued and emailed to each individual venue every Sunday/Monday POST the entertainment weekend. (Tuesday in the event of a public holiday)
    2. Every client (Promoter or Artist) is requested to pay invoices within seven days of issue. Those are the terms of the service that Pushworth provide.
    3. Pushworth is not a party to the contract and cannot legally enforce these Payment Terms.
    4. Coles Liquorland have requested a 14 day Payment Policy.
    5. A Collections Report is then emailed to Head Office every Tuesday with weekly follow up communication until payment is made in full.
    6. Once payment in full is received by us we will process the Remittance, allocate to the Invoice. Our system automatically a Net Split on each Artist’s ledger once the Promoter has paid the Invoice in Full.
    7. Once your correct Tax Invoice is received by us it will be allocated to your Net Split ledger.
    8.  The BSB and Account Number provided by you in your Registration will be Direct Deposited within 72 business hours of us receiving Payments in Full and Correct Remittances and Tax Invoices.
  1. Contract Payment Method Protocol
    1. If a Promoter offers to pay you directly when your Performance is contracted as a Via Payment Method, you are obligated to maintain the terms and conditions of that contract.
    2. If you change the Payment Method of your Performance Contract you will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach.
    3. If you change the Payment Method of your Performance Contract you will be charged an Administration Fee.
    4. It costs time and money to re administer your Contracts so all Administration costs will be passed onto you.
  1. After Sales Service
    1.  Our Bookers will call/email Buyer every week for Gig Feedback
    2. During this call they will confirm the entertainment authority for the Invoice.
    3. They will confirm that their invoice was sent to them yesterday and it was read receipted.
    4. The Buyer will be asked to confirm that they will authorize the invoice and commence
    5. Accounts Payable process immediately to ensure that funds are deposited to us in full no later than the following Monday.
    6. We are happy to provide a superior Customer Service weekly to all Buyers by combining our Gig Feedback and Collections calls to minimize the time for Buyers
  1. Pushworth Booking Fee
    1. The booking fee noted in the schedule is payable to Pushworth and shall not be deducted by the Promoter from the performance payment.
    2. This fee will not be affected by any default on behalf of the Venue or the Artist and will be paid by the Venue to Pushworth if a booking is cancelled by the Venue outside notice time
    3. The Artist shall indemnify Pushworth for any loss or expense incurred by Pushworth arising out of the cancellation or non-performance of a Performance. In such case, the Artist shall be liable to pay Pushworth the booking fee as specified in the schedule
  1. Dealing Directly with the Buyer
    1. The Buyer has engaged the services of Pushworth to propose and provide a suitable Artist for an event and Pushworth has in response thereto introduced the Artist to provide his services as specified in the schedule and the Buyer will not engage the services of the Artist directly or via another source without using the services of Pushworth and paying the Booking Fee.
  1. Pushworth shall be entitled to a Booking Fee for the whole of the time that the Artist is booked by that Buyer or gigging at that Venue to a maximum period of 12 Months
    1. Upon the termination of this agreement and in the event that the Artist continues to provide services for the Buyer, then Pushworth shall be entitled to retain an amount of money equivalent to 12 Months Booking Fee from monies held on behalf of the Artist as security.
    2. The Artist acknowledges that Pushworth has been engaged by the Buyer to introduce and provide Artists and in return for which the Artist shall pay Pushworth an Introduction Fee for every performance by that Buyer or at that Venue for a period of 12 Months from the date of the last performance in the Venue and or for that Buyer for such lesser time as the Artist is engaged.
    3. In the event of a Buyer moving from one Venue to another, that person is under obligation to the Pushworth Booking Protocol and cannot engage the services of any Artist introduced to him without contacting and booking the Artist through Pushworth.
    4. Venues owned by the same company are bound by this Booking Protocol and cannot engage the services of any Artist without contacting and booking them through Pushworth.
    5. Change of act name does not alter this obligation.
    6. A Notice to Remedy Breach will be issued to the Artist in the event that they deal directly with the Buyer and Venue.
    7. In this event, all future bookings will be terminated by Pushworth to the Artist until they remedy the breach.
  1. Notice to Remedy Breach
    1. The Artist will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach in the event of:
    1. Changing the Contract Payment Terms directly with the Promoter and collecting payment directly.
    2. Non payment of Pushworth Booking Fee within 30 days
    3. Booking directly with the Venue
    4. Substituting another Artist for a Pushworth Performance Contract
    5. Failure to remedy the breach within the time frame will result in the termination of all gigs and the commencement of legal action for the recovery of the Pushworth Booking Fee.
  1. Liability
    1. It is agreed that any person signing on behalf of the Artist warrants his authority to do so and accepts personal responsibility and liability for the payment of all monies and the due observance by the Artist of all the above terms and conditions on the part of the Artist. Should such a person no longer have this authority at the time of Performance date, then the Artist accepts responsibility and liability on their behalf as duly authorized at the time of the performance booking.
  2. General Information
    1. Artist Marketing Standard
    2. Artist Safety Standard
    3. Accounts FAQ
    4. Pushworth Logo Pack