The Metriculus®

Over the past 30 years, Pushworth have developed this trademarked Music Business model for all aspects of what we do – Evaluation of New Talent and/or Show Offers, Artist Development, Strategic and Operational Planning, Tour, Release, Show Planning, Music Brand Management.

Your Brand Narrative, Market Sector, Act Direction, Values, Vision, Public Responsibility, Community Connection, Environmental Impact, Music Business Vision, Team Communication, Change Management Strategies

Expression Offer – Your Output – Material, Arrangements, Brand Leverage, Performance USP, Delivery POD, Trend Leverage, Market Generation Cycle, Competitor Driver, Social Media Engagement

Asset Management , Production Tuning, Brand Presentation, Wellness On/Off Stage, Equipment, Logistical Integrity, Show Energy Exchange, Music Business Team Leverage, Your Product – Show/Release – Show Production (Riders), Business (Historic Reference Data), Show Delivery, Market Statistics (Chart, Box Office, Release)

Your Team – Agent, Manager, Label. Publicist, Musicians, Supports, Headliners, Artist Mentors, Band Agreements, Crew, Production Manager, Producer, Co-Writer, Social Media Manager – KPIs, Agreements, Development, Training, Contribution, Recognition, Satisfaction

Your Market, Network, Community, Live Show Delivery, Communication Standard, Audience Engagement, Brand Leveragability, Expectations, PR, Trust, Satisfaction, Results, Comparison

Finance Management, Exchange, Trade, Benchmarks, Negotiation, Market Value, Market Offer, Value Drivers, Brand Value Leveragbility 

Show Production Standard,  Performance Delivery, Quality Control – Vocal, Instrumentation, Sound, Tuning, Government Compliances, Shows, Releases, Tours, Products, Quality Improvement Process, Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Targets, Music Business Team Strategies, KPIs, Surveys, Benchmarks Benchmarking Data, Goal Measurement Integrity of Data Improvement Practice and Feedback