The Music Real

In March 2020, we found ourselves in a place unrecognised. We began to cancel, postpone and reschedule every single contracted event, tour and show in our booking system. In one day, we moved 6 million dollars worth of income for Live Music Artists in our system.
Then we spent the first month getting Artists paid for shows done in February and March. Tricky as most hospitality venues dispursed staff almost immediately. Good News Story – with the exception of one hospitality group, all Artists were paid.
After that, we knew that it was important to stay connected to our Music Work Force and Industry Networks. Everyone was in a state of shock, panic, disbelief and every other possible emotion.
The Music Real began as a way  to connect to our tribe. We wanted to shine the light at the end of the tunnel with no idea where or when or what size that tunnel would be.
In talking to the variety of people in our networks, a very real story of Lockdown emerged.
The Music Real has evolved into a collection of stories about the men and women who make it happen – a live event, a tour, a show, a concert or a local gig.
The Music Real is about THEIR stories. 

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