The Pushworth Service Standard

Exclusive Program Curation

Our Exclusive Entertainment Program Curation Service provides independent marketing & strategy, talent booking, special event assistance, & brand influencer marketing services.

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Artist Development Management

It is easy to find and book an act directly. What ISN”T so easy is the ongoing management of Artists in terms of the Psychology and Culture of a gig and all that entails. We have developed our own Music Means Business program to facilitate Artists in their Music Business. So you get access to a roster of Artists able to meet your brief and standard.

Pushworth Digital

Pushworth offers Digital Marketing Services to Venues to support your In House Marketing Manager or to fill their shoes if you need.

  • Co-Promote – On Stage/On Line
  • Marketing Manager Integration
  • Advertising Audit
  • Internal/External
  • Brand Plan Integration
  • Media Print Radio TV 
  • Local Community Partners
  • Market Expertise – Inside Track
  • Cycles
  • Trends
  • Pricing Structures
  • What’s Working What’s Not
  • Reaching Audiences
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Promotions
  • Building Nights
  • Increasing Audience Reach

No Fuss Administration 

  • Weekly Invoices
  • Weekly Gig Activations – Artists and Venues
  • One Weekly Remittance
  • Accounts Payable
  • Worksheets
  • Monthly Gig Reports
  • Monthly Invoice Reports
  • Your System Integration

You Get Your Time Back:

  • We curate your program to your brief, target market and budget
  • We develop your program to build your business
  • We audition, register, check compliance, organise marketing and manage Artist Bookings on your behalf
  • We source Entertainment Options across all Artists/Agents/States
  • One thing we will NOT do – book Artists we have found on Facebook . Every Artist has been auditioned at a Music Means Business event.
  • We track Bar KPI results
  • We provide Entertainment/Budget reports
  • You get your time back to build your Business
  • You get your time back to build your Local Networks
  • You get your time back to focus on your Marketing.

Raise The Bar:

  • Track KPI’s
  • Audit Results to Leverage
  • Forge a Budget Plan together
  • Target Market Focus
  • Emergency Replacement

References – Who we have worked with since 1990: