The US in the Music

Who are the US in the MUSIC?

The COVID -19 lockdowns decimated three industries – Tourism, Hospitality and Music Events. The US in the MUSIC initiative brings together all these elements of community to rebuild and recover as we celebrate the soundtrack to our lives.

Since 2001, musicians who have toured with Pushworth have earned just over $46million in box office receipts and have sold over 9.6 million tickets to audiences across the country. Working with musicians as they emerge from to the studio to winning Aria and Grammy awards, Pushworth has created employment opportunities for 28376 Live Music Artists and associated production crew in Queensland since 1990.

To minimize the impact of continued restrictive trade conditions on Hospitality venues in Queensland, the US in the MUSIC program is designed to rebuild local business communities through the pathway of a live and local music event, by expanding the market for the local venue, raising the profile of local businesses, tourism operators and community media partners.

Supported by the Mental Awareness Foundation, the US in the MUSIC is in the creation of local community hubs focused on a local economic promotion and recovery. The annual “Walk Anywhere” event Walk for Awareness Community Hubs will be promoted via this program to bring together the various business brands to participate in the Walk scheduled for Sunday 10 October.

As producers for the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009- 2014, this same formula was applied and built the Festival attendance from 10,000 to 20,000 in 5 years. The US in the Music activity begins with a local pub and two live music Artists. The Mission is to reactivate a local community through a live music event where the members of the Local Community Hub activate Local Event marketing activities to rebuild and reconnect.

Key Deliverables - task/activity to be undertaken

Outcome - What will be achieved by this activity?

What types of audiences will benefit from this activity?

How this activity will contribute to employment opportunities and the expected economic benefits of this activity for other industries such as hospitality and accommodation and for your organisation.


August 2020 to December 2020

  • Tours (including Resilience Tour 2020) = 4
  • Artists – 8
  • Shows per Tour = 10
  • Shows in Total = 40
  • Tix Sold = 12500
  • Artist Income = 250% increase
  • Venue Income = 350% Increase
  • Income for Associated Suppliers (eg Social Media/Production etc) = 175% Increase

January 2021 – November 2021

  • Tours (including Resilience Tour 2020) = 10
  • Artists – 16
  • Shows per Tour = 8
  • Shows in Total = 80
  • Tix Sold = 35,600
  • Artist Income = 310% increase
  • Venue Income = 375% Increase
  • Income for Associated Suppliers (eg Social Media/Production etc) = 195% Increase

Letters of Support


The Pushworth Group and Mental Awareness Foundation partnered to deliver the Resilience Tour August to October 2020 using the same formula as The US in the MUSIC. I toured 10 shows in 10 Queensland Regional communities. We promoted local businesses especially local tourism businesses. I used different support musicians in each region. It made such a difference to each region - live music - some life, energy and an opportunity for the local community to connect. It was a huge success!
Jade Holland 2020 Resilience Tour
Touring Recording Music Artist

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