The Venue Code

The Gig Governing Regulations

 For each performance, we ask you to provide a specific and clear Brief about the type of Artist, Music, Performance and Performance Detail required.

Venue Obligations

Artist Performance Obligation

 Gig Paperwork

We will issue you with paperwork for every performance that you book.

Official Gig Time

Performance Times

Schedule Changes

All artists are expected to be present for all scheduled performances. The Venue reserves the right to cancel a performance if:

Gig Cancellations

Complaint Policy

Load in Load Out


Public Safety Requirements


The use of illicit drugs on site, or in any Venue/Performance Area, will not be tolerated and will result in the expulsion from the performance.

Door Deal

Where the fee to be paid to the Artist is in any way related with the amount of door or bar takings of the function at which the Artist is performing, then the Venue agrees that the Artist, his Manager or nominees shall be entitled to station a representative at the entrance’s) or Bar’s) and furthermore that no ticket or drink shall be given away or sold, at other than the advertised price without the consent of the Artist.


Venue Marketing Check List – Local Shows

Venue Marketing Check List – Local Shows

Dressing Room

Gear Access

In House Production

Where any equipment including but not limited to public address systems, lighting, amplifiers or instruments are provided by the Venue, the same shall be of proper quality and in good working order.

Lost and Stolen Property




Hospitality Rider per Performer


Payment Protocol

Payments to Artists on your behalf

After Sales Service

Pushworth Booking Fee

Dealing Directly with the Venue