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When you want to take your venue to the next level by promoting a feature show as part of a National Tour for a High Profile Artist, Comedian, Show or Celebrity, we will work with you to ensure the show works within you budget, to your desired target market. We ensure your Event Management team can cater for the additional logistics required for a Feature Show. We will work closely with your Marketing Team to provide you with all Digital Assets, Vox Pop Promos, Posters and Media Campaigns. To enquire about a Touring Artist Show, Click Here.

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Your Budget and Target Market, Stage Area size, Noise Restrictions and Promotions and Marketing campaigns will determine the style and type of Artist you book. Solo, Duo, Trio, Band, DJ or Tribute Show.

Live Music will attract and keep people coming to your bar. Lock Out Laws will move crowds out into the suburbs looking for a place to party. Make it yours! Talk to your booker about ways to work with your Artists to add value to your Marketing Campaign. 

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Many clubs around Australia are experiencing a transition in their demographic and this tests their bottom line. If you are looking for a service to facilitate the transition to a younger audience who are looking for 70s 80s 90s instead of 50s + 60s, we can assist you with the Artists as well as the Marketing Strategies. Our Pushworth Concierge service specialises in offering artists that suit your new demographic. 40-70 years. Honed by gigging on the Pub Circuits for the past two decades, these next in line Artists bring the youth plus the memories to your club making sure you can cater to your new crowd. Solo, Duo, Trio, Band, DJ, Tribute Shows, Comedians and Theme Bands in genre, style and type according to what you want. Rock, Pop, Dance, Jazz, 40s – Noughties – something for all ages.

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It is not often in your life that you will have to deal with Performers and Venue Managers. Whether it is your wedding, a private party or a Corporate Function and Event, this page is designed to introduce you to the artists that we would recommend to deliver the best entertainment for your special event. Click on each photo to learn a little more about each Artist. Review their song lists and check them out on Facebook to see where they are performing. When you book Live Entertainment for your Wedding or Function with us, we will provide you with a Worksheet that will detail all your Event Needs to ensure that your special day is just as you imagined! Click Here

Live Music forms part of your Venue Marketing Plan

We see Live Music and Entertainment as 1/7th of your Venue Marketing Plan. Our entire Playbook is entered around supporting YOUR VENUE MARKETING PLAN with the right Live Music and Entertainment. So when you book an artist with Pushworth, we will work with your Marketing Manager to ensure that you get the best chance to attract Bums on Seats!


Australian Festival Management

Want to promote a Festival in your Car Park? Local Community? Local Street? We managed the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2003 – 2014 so we can assist you with anything you need in terms of Event Management.

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Thanks to our national strategic alliance networks, our clients gain exclusive access to the largest network of artists and service infrastructure suppliers in Australia. The scope of our concert calendar bookings convert to large savings and the price you will pay for your entertainment and associated services. More Information on our Website Here