Victory Hotel Music Means Business Event

Venue: The Victory Hotel in the Beergarden
Address: 127 Edward Street, Brisbane City
Production Supplied by: Michael Geeves
Technician: Michael Geeves
Pushworth Coordinator: Emmanuel Kyriakidis and Nichola Burton
Parking: No Parking Provided
Load In: Bring your Instruments through the front of the Beergarden
Load Out: After each performance can all performers please clear the stage immediately so that the act after you has enough time to Set up and sound check.
Set Up: Playing Area is on stage in the Beer Garden
What To Bring: Backline (Guitars, Pedalboards)
What is Supplied: FOH and Foldback as well as Mics and Stands, DI’s + Operator. Vocalists, Please feel free to bring your own mic is you wish for your own comfort and hygiene.
Considerations: There may be families dining in the beer garden so keep language, dress and behaviour at a PC level.
Arrival Time: Arrive at the Venue one hour prior to your showcase time
Set Up: It is a very fast changeover with 20 minutes to get on and off stage.
Sound Check: Line Check Only
Showcase Time: We suggest you perform 5-6 of your best songs. First and Last song of the night and three – four pivotal songs from the 2nd and 3rd sets to give us a grand overview.