Culturally, Australians just love to go to a club or a bar and celebrate holidays like Australia Day, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Anzac Day, Oktoberfest, Halloween, Melbourne Cup, Christmas and New Year. The Night Before Events prove to be hugely popular events – Easter Thursday, Sunday before Labour Day, Ekka Tuesday and then Sunday before Queens Birthday.

The divine Queensland weather in May, June, July and August often inspires Food and Wine Festivals, Winter Wonderland Balls, Spring Flings, Christmas in July, Country Musters, Jazz Festivals and local Racing Day Carnivals and Regional Show Day Celebrations. Sporting Carnivals and Grand Finals look after September and October and End of Year Parties start in November.

Our Event Planning makes sure each holiday and celebration is covered with the best entertainment available and can supply specific themed acts in solo, duo, band format as well as feature Tribute Shows and Touring Artist Brands pending availability. Our Event Management system designs the best times for an artist to play, the type, style and format that will work best for each event.

We ensure your week to week program of local artists is consistent and culturally sound. Regular Feature and Touring Artist Show date offers provide market brands for you to leverage in your in house campaigns. With a holistic approach to your Annual Events Program, and booking well in advance as availability is limited especially Irish and German bands, gives you the best opportunity to build your venue business year in year out.

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